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Customer Experience (CX) is the defining competitive advantage of organisations working within a multi-channel operation. How can you enhance your CX to compete?

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Pivoting Personalization in Times of Market Change

As markets continue to fluctuate, personalization is now more important than ever. In this article, CX leaders Sitecore uncover four key areas to focus on to secure personalization success.

Seismic Shift: How the Pandemic Impacts CX in the Financial &...

The pandemic exposed global weaknesses in digital infrastructure, including in the financial services sector. A new survey by Sitecore outlines the issues faced.

What Is Customer Lifecycle Marketing?

Jill Grozalsky from Sitecore outlines the benefits of customer lifecycle marketing in this new guest spotlight for CEO.digital.

What Is Auto Personalization & What Should You Expect from It?

In a new Guest Spotlight, Jill Grozalsky of Sitecore shows us what auto personlization is and what marketing executives can expect to accomplish with it.

Experience-Led Banking: How to Personalise Banking Customer Experiences at Scale

Learn how to personalise your retail banking experience with Sitecore. View the insightful infographic now.

The Manufacturing Industry’s Opportunity to Reimagine Customer Experience

Now is the time for the manufacturing industry to reinvent its approach to Customer Experience. Learn more in Sitecore's latest Guest Spotlight.


The Experience-Driven Future of Manufacturing

It’s time to reshape Customer Experience within the manufacturing industry. Learn how to reconnect with your customers with this new report from Sitecore.

Plot Your Path to Personalisation Success within FSI

The Digital Experience Maturity Model® is your key to achieving CX success within the Financial Services sector. Download your complimentary copy of Sitecore’s report today.

Customer Experience Maturity – The Key to Successful Omnichannel Personalisation

Sitecore's whitepaper explains how you can assess your current CX capabilities to map out your omnichannel personalisation strategy.


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With expertise gained from delivering CX solutions to organisations throughout Europe, Cecilie and James are here to help.

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Cecilie Anker Anderson
Regional Vice President, Denmark & Norway – Sitecore
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James Ek
Regional Vice President, Sweden & Finland – Sitecore
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In today’s world, brands need to deliver increasingly personalised interactions that delight audiences, build loyalty, and drive revenue.


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Jannik Devantier, Director of Business Optimisation & Value Engineering EMEA at Sitecore, on Future-Proofing CX Trends and the Culture of Personalisation

CX thought leader Jannik Devantier of Sitecore joins The CEO.digital Show to reveal why culture and adoption are the keys Customer Experience success through personalisation.

Paige O’Neill, Sitecore CMO, Discusses Brand Vs Demand Gen & the CEO/CMO Dynamic

The CEO.digital Show airs its first podcast with an interview with Sitecore's CMO, Paige O'Neill, on the future of CX and Digital Transformation. Also up for discussion is the CEO/CMO dynamic and how to lead a strong marketing team.

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