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Maddy Cooper, CEO & Founder of Flourish, on the role of marketing in the fight against climate change

Maddy Cooper
CEO, Flourish

Sustainable Cloud

On this season of The Show, we’re gathering expert perspectives regarding the tech world’s impact on impending climate change – and how those same innovations might help forge a more sustainable future. Join us as we take a deep-dive into one divisive subject – Sustainable Cloud.



Dr Victoria Hurth
Sustainability Expert and Pracademic

Charlie Gardiner

Dr Charlie Gardner
Conservation Scientist

Lisa Wee A01

Lisa Wee
Climate Officer, AVEVA


Maddy Cooper
CEO, Flourish

Responsible AI

Throughout this special series on Responsible AI, we’ll be interviewing experts to unpick the ethical, financial and strategic implications of AI. Through these conversations, you’ll gain a a better understanding of both the risks and opportunities that this transformative technology presents.


Toju Duke headshot

Toju Duke
Founder, Diverse AI

S1 E2 - Dr. Maya Dillon - banners - A01 - speaker

Dr Maya Dillon
Cambridge Consultants

S1 E3 - Uthman Ali - Banners - A01-guest image

Uthman Ali
AI Ethics SME

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