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About CEO.digital

CEO.digital is the technology and transformation hub for senior executives from the world’s leading companies and challenger organisations.

You’ll find thought-leading research, reports and news from the biggest names in tech and transformation  – the innovators. Explore the latest research topics from globally renowned analysts such as Forrester and Gartner. What’s more, there’s cutting-edge content from a carefully assembled team of specialist writers and thought-leaders.


CEO.digital partners with the world’s leading technology and transformation brands. These include Adobe, Vodafone, Virgin Media Business, and many more in various shapes, sizes and niches.


The world has entered the 4th industrial age – a technology-fuelled revolution that will forever change the way people, businesses and industries operate and interact.

Naturally, digital transformation is at the heart of this shift. For many companies, it represents some of the biggest opportunities – and challenges – in a generation. However, digital transformation is occurring at unprecedented volume, variety and velocity, putting unprecedented demands on senior executives to stay informed.

It’s CEO.digital’s mission to help, support and advise you – in the following ways:

  • Providing easy access to information you need to start, improve and speed up transformation
  • Giving a global platform for innovators to build productive relationships with industry decision-makers
  • Publishing useful, relevant and timely content
  • Sharing insight and generating C-level debate
  • Creating a global digital transformation community