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ceo.digital is where senior executive leaders come for the very latest on digital transformation.

Everything here is targeted at the strategic level, so you find the information you need to make informed decisions quickly.

You can help yourself to expert analysis of the latest trends and technology – including white papers, reports, articles.

You’ll also find cutting-edge insight from C-level guest writers, discussing how disruption is reshaping and reforming businesses, industries, and regions.

Your time is valuable – that’s why ceo.digital gives you more time and value

Decision-makers don’t have time to trawl corporate websites and hunt through piles of resources.

That’s why ceo.digital offers a mixture of white papers, infosheets, research reports – published by both the ceo.digital editorial team and our market-leading partners.

These are carefully managed and categorised to ensure you can always:

  • find out more about a new technology
  • keep your finger on the pulse of your industry
  • make the right purchasing decision

Why world-leading brands choose ceo.digital

We work with some of the biggest technology organisations in the world.

intel logo

For example, we ran a successful campaign helping Intel promote their digital transformation capability (here’s a report we did in partnership with Intel).

This is what Microsoft had to say about our campaign:

“We were impressed at the level of quality of leads that came through via the ceo.digital campaign”
James Huntingdon, Digital/Social Marketing Manager at Microsoft

microsoft logo

Partner organisations may have cutting-edge content they wish to be seen by a senior executive audience. We consult our audience and identify the content they need to make decisions.

A survey like this…

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…leads to us creating a report like this

(view report)

report cover

Through these services, we serve senior executives with the insight they need, while helping our clients grow their business and boost ROI from campaigns.

Driving, shaping and reporting on digital transformation

These reports dig into the digital transformation landscape and reveal what’s on the horizon:

  • Identifying strategic trends
  • Measuring industry sentiment
  • Gathering executive insight

These are then circulated among the relevant industries and among the 10,000+ leaders who are part of the ceo.digital community. Talking of which…

The definitive digital transformation audience

Since 2015, ceo.digital has carefully cultivated a senior executive audience from around the world.

These comprise decision-makers in digital, IT, technology, financial services, in fact, any role impacted by digital transformation. They hail from companies ranging from fast-growing startups, medium enterprises, through to the likes of Apple, Google and Goldman Sachs.

ceo.digital brings these brands and audiences together with:

  • a monthly newsletter that informs, advises and entertains
  • private networking events and roundtable discussions
  • invitations to appear on ceo.digital, via blogs, interviews and webinars

(contact us to find out more about any of these)

Supporting you today and tomorrow

Ok, that’s enough about us. No doubt you’ve got lots of digital transformation projects to focus on. So one last thing – because you’ve made it this far, let’s keep in touch:

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