Switching to First-Party Data Will Help You Personalise More & Create Better Experiences

Customers no longer take a linear journey towards the purchase. From initial attention to growing interest to the final moment of buying, they take multiple parallel routes. They switch between several devices. See in this short infographic how you can make this journey seamless and bump-free, using first-party data.

The modern customer is digital savvy, and they likewise expect brands to be savvy too. As you’ll see from the infographic, 50% of customers today switch between four touch points before they arrive at the point of purchase. This means brands must find ways to ingest and make sense of data coming in from several parallel sources. Customers expect them to.

As brands drown in the overabundance of data, some of the best ones have moved away from generic third-party cookies to contextually rich first-party data. With this, they’ve taken their personalisation to new levels of precision and scale.

Find out more about how you can replicate their success in this exclusive infographic from Sitecore.


Personas are Dead, Long Live the Customer
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Prepare Now for the Future
The death of third-party cookies is long overdue and imminent. This is your perfect opportunity and time to realign your tech stack to prepare for a cookie-free future.

Avoid Data Fatigue and Personalise Better
Having first-party data front and centre means knowing what to focus on. It also means better personalisation. The full infographic will show you why. 


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