The New Composable Approach Transforming Ecommerce & Why Brands Are Adopting It Now

Modern marketing and tech leaders are taking their enterprises to new heights of success with the composable approach to ecommerce. But what makes it so timely, flexible and powerful? And what are the advantages of early adoption? Download this exclusive Sitecore guide to find out.

Composable ecommerce is both a solution and a philosophy. The philosophy is simple: you shouldn’t have to spend a minute longer than you need to configure new features on your Digital Experience Platforms (DXP). You should also be free to choose only those features which are necessary to orchestrate a seamless omnichannel experience. High aspiration, but perfectly possible.  

Today, marketing, CX and tech leaders have left their old silos and come together to make it happen. Through cloud-native, API-first, headless approach, they’re “composing” the future of ecommerce. If properly rolled out, the benefits are immense and immediate. Find out more by downloading this exclusive guide from CX pioneers, Sitecore.


Monolith Is Dead. Long Live Composable 
Lumbering, monolithic platforms have served their purposes, but in today’s world of intense competition and customer churn, you need a more agile approach. Find out how composable makes you agile on page 9 of the full guide.

Leaders Are Taking Complete Control of Their Ecommerce Roadmap
Composable ecommerce puts you in complete charge of product access, pricing strategies, and order validation. The reason is simple. Download the full guide to discover why.

Beat the Competition with New Features on the Go 
Gartner reports that organisations with a composable approach will deploy new features up to 80% faster than their competitors by 2023. But that’s just the start. The guide gives you the full list of benefits.



The New Composable Approach Transforming Ecommerce & Why Brands Are Adopting...

Composable ecommerce is revolutionising how brands do business online. So, what are the benefits of early adoption? This Sitecore report will help you make your case.

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