The Art of Gaining True Insights in a Cookieless World

The transition from third-party to first-party data is an exciting opportunity for accurate personalisation without compromising customer privacy. Read this quick guide from Sitecore to discover why now is the best time to prepare for this change. 

With an unprecedented number of online shoppers, the desire for accurate personalisation dominates customer expectations. And traditionally, businesses have depended on third-party cookies to offer a degree of personalisation. But this came at a cost. Customers had to agree to share various types of personal information. Now, this model is about to completely change.

Google has proposed to deprecate third-party cookies altogether. When this change kicks in, perhaps as early as 2022, it will affect every aspect of marketing, including reach, personalisation, campaign management, and performance measurement. The proposal has created new questions among CMOs and marketing leaders, who are eagerly re-evaluating their strategy.

The new era of marketing will be led by First-Party Data. Download the quick guide to discover why 2022 is the best time to prepare for this transition.


Create more accurate personalisations 
First party-data allows you to create more accurate personalisations and reach audience with greater precision. Download the guide to see how.

Run more campaigns that convert
You can run more campaigns that covert through holistic customer profiles. Details are in the full guide.

Use actual behaviour data to build personas 
Personas are key to efficient marketing. Find out in the guide how you use actual behaviour data to build them.

Preparing for the transition 
Get the right tools and build the right capabilities so that your transition from third-party to first-party is seamless. Insight is just a click away.



The Art of Gaining True Insights in a Cookieless World

How will your digital marketing strategy be affected by Google’s proposed deprecation of third-party cookies? And how can you prepare now? Read the full report.

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