Tarek Nseir, Head of Digital Engagement, EMEA, at EPAM, on Using Data to Reach the CX Holy Grail

The difference between a Customer Experience (CX) that simply functions and one that inspires is the effective use of data. Going the extra mile to stand out and build an experience your customers want to engage with is where our guest, Tarek Nseir, thrives. Head of Digital Engagement at EPAM, he chats with CEO.digital about Digital Engagement and EPAM’s work with Sitecore.

Tarek Nseir has the backstory of a marketing maverick, starting his first digital agency at university when an unmissable opportunity presented itself. He’s never looked back and has an incredible portfolio to show for the ambition and calculated risk-taking that’s seen him excel.

In this interview, we unpack his ambitious beginnings, some standouts from his remarkable career thus far, and delve into some key insights, including:

[04:37] – Taking risks early in your career
[05:17] – Working with JK Rowling on Pottermore
[11:51] – Working creatively with EPAM’s capability vs traditional creative environment
[16:41] – The future of CX powered by data
[19:11] – Personalization as a rich opportunity
[24:37] – Omni-channel as a holy grail
[31:30] – How AI and ML are revolutionizing CX
[36:44] – Youth influence in CX

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What’s also uniting us is that younger generations [with] greater social consciousnesses have a greater viewpoint on what they believe should shape the world [and they] are becoming more influential. I wish the rest of us would catch up.

Tarek Nseir,
Head of Digital Engagement, EMEA, EPAM

Tarek Nseir
Head of Digital Engagement, EMEA, EPAM

Tarek Nseir is a marketing expert with over 15 years of experience, starting his first design agency while still at university. Since then, he’s specialized in partnering with clients through challenging transformation programs. In his current role as Head of Digital Engagement, EMEA, at EPAM, he oversees programs for leading clients across sectors as diverse as AgriTech to high-street super-brands.



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