Welcome to the CEO.digital Show, a new peer-to-peer podcast series where we’ll be talking to influential thought leaders about how tech is continuing to change the way the world does business.

Each episode, the CEO.digital Show will bring you open-ended explorations of markets, technology, trends, ideas and strategies – all with the aim of helping you deliver better results for your company and stakeholders.

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CEO · Business & Leadership

Hybrid cloud solutions thought-leader Dixie Adams of IBM joins us on this week’s CEO.digital Show. She shares her take on leadership, open innovation, and the importance of factoring people into organizational change. We learn about the increasing alignment between business and technology, and how IT leaders can aggregate disparate technologies to form cohesive solutions that leverage the benefits of hybrid cloud.

CEO · Business & Leadership

Flavilla Fongang is our special guest for this edition of The CEO.digital Show. Founder and Managing Director of award-winning agency 3 Colours Rule, author, brand strategist, BBC brand advisor, and more, Flavilla is at the forefront of the brand experience field. It was with great pleasure that we welcomed her to the podcast.

CEO · Data

Matt “Kix” Kixmoeller of Pure Storage joins us on The CEO.digital Show for a look at the evolving world of data storage, and the growing demand for containerisation. We discuss the need to build the right architecture for your data strategy to bring flexibility into the organisation, and why successful IT teams now treat DevOps as their number one customer within the enterprise. Above all, we chatted about why automation and “as-a-service” mentalities should take top priority when it comes to storage.

CHRO · Experience

Jason Fowler, Head of HR Northern, Western and Southern Europe at Fujitsu Global, is our special guest for this episode of The CEO.digital Show. Over the course of an hour, Jason shared his views on why the HR function must evolve and take an active role in the acquisition and implementation of technological solutions. We talked about the value of increasing diversity initiatives and improving employee wellbeing, especially during the pandemic and remote working.


CTO · Security

Lisa Forte, the Co-Founder & Partner of Red Goat Security, joins us for the latest episode of The CEO.digital Show. Lisa’s career has seen her protect ships from real-life pirates, secure global organisations, and work in counterterrorism and cybercrime with the UK police. We chatted about the cyber threats businesses and the healthcare sector are up against, the online dangers facing the public, and what IT leaders can do to resecure the organisation. Lisa also talked about the business value of space exploration, mountaineering, and a whole lot more…


Marcell Vollmer, Partner & Director at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), on Customer-Centric Transformation & Revolutionising the Supply Chain

Dr Marcell Vollmer is on The CEO.digital Show this week as we discuss the value of customer-centric transformation, the need to de-risk supply chains, and the future potential of IoT, powered by 5G. Listen now!

P-O Johansson, EMEA Strategist at Citrix, on Human Sustainability & Creating a Digital Workspace Centred on Employee Wellbeing

We welcomed P-O Johansson to The CEO.digital Show to learn about the evolution of digital workspaces and how they’re shaping employee wellbeing initiatives – and cutting costs in the process.

Gunjan Bhow, Walgreens Boots Alliance’s Global Chief Digital Officer, on Employee Creativity, Resiliency and Adaptability in Times of Crisis

The CEO.digital Show returns with the first episode of 2021. In this episode, we meet Gunjan Bhow, the Global Chief Digital Officer at Walgreens Boots Alliance. Up for discussion? What it takes to lead digital transformation on a global scale, and the resiliency of employees today. Don't miss it.

Huw Owen, Ark Data Centres CEO, on Building a Sustainable Future & Free Markets as a Force for Good

We're joined by Huw Owen, CEO of Ark Data Centres, for this fascinating podcast interview on sustainability, a global career, and fostering leadership qualities. Listen in to the full episode now to learn more about Huw and what Ark Data Centres is doing to promote its green credentials.

Cecilia Harvey, Hyve Dynamics CEO, Discusses Integrity, Authenticity & What It Takes to Inspire People

The CEO.digital Show welcomes Cecilia Harvey from Hyve Dynamics to discuss responsible technology leadership and empowering women in tech. Listen to her full podcast interview now.


In addition to our main show, the EXTRA series will feature leading experts from outside the C-Suite as we attempt to uncover how critical business functions continue to evolve in the face of tech advances.

Jennifer Manry, VP, Financial Services Global Industries Group at VMware, on Delivering Empathy-Driven Transformation in the Finance Sector

Jennifer Manry of VMware joins us for The CEO.digital Show EXTRA for a deep dive into the digital transformation trends, pressures and disruptors impacting the financial services industry.

Jannik Devantier, Director of Business Optimisation & Value Engineering EMEA at Sitecore, on Future-Proofing CX Trends and the Culture of Personalisation

CX thought leader Jannik Devantier of Sitecore joins The CEO.digital Show to reveal why culture and adoption are the keys Customer Experience success through personalisation.

The CEO.digital Show is brought to you by hosts Darcie Thompson-Fields and Craig McCartney. Each episode, we’ll be interviewing major thought and industry leaders to learn how they are embracing new technologies and strategies to create new value and success for their companies. Find us on all major podcast streaming platforms.


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Darcie Thompson-Fields
Head of Digital & Content, Chief Nation

Darcie is the Head of Digital & Content at Chief Nation, a global B2B marketing agency working with leading technology companies. She plays an integral role in shaping and developing Chief Nation’s digital offering, and has collaborated with and championed CEO.digital since 2017.


Craig McCartney
Managing Director, CEO.digital

Craig is a technology enthusiast with over 15 years’ experience in both the marketing and technology sectors. As Managing Director of Global B2B Agency, Chief Nation, he works directly with over 50 of the world’s leading technology companies, helping them go-to-market and facilitate new business relationships. As part of his role, Craig often speaks at events and has hosted hundreds of technology-focused C-suite events, conferences, and webinars.