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Each episode, the CEO.digital Show will bring you open-ended explorations of markets, technology, trends, ideas and strategies – all with the aim of helping you deliver better results for your company and stakeholders.

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CTO · Cloud

Neill Smith, the trailblazing Head of Infrastructure at The Scottish Government, joins us on the CEO.digital Show to discuss how his team attracts and retains exceptional talent, what informs their infrastructure strategy, and how he’s managed to stay on the curve of hyper-innovation in government. Listen in for more!

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VP · Experience

Cecilie Sofie Anker Andersen is a marketing leader with over 13 years’ experience in the CX sector. With her sales approach, she break into the Italian market. During her time there, she worked with Microsoft’s Milan branch and helped them solve their challenges. She is an expert in how enterprises can align people, process and technology to create an exceptional CX. Caring deeply for her customer’s success, she asks difficult questions to ensure that they are ready to embrace data-driven technologies like AI and IoT. And in this episode, she answers precisely those difficult questions. Listen in!


We recently had the privilege of hosting two exceptional minds on The CEO.digital Show. Sanjeev Kamboj, Head of Application and Multi-Cloud Services at Fujitsu, and David Jack, the Product Strategy Lead at Citrix, joined us to go in-depth into the nature of enterprise security and the immense speed at which the landscape is changing. Listen in for more insights from this detailed discussion.

Business · CIO

David Germain is a rare type of technology leader. Starting off very early in his teens as an apprentice engineer, he rose through the ranks, gaining hands-on experience driving transformation initiatives in some of the largest financial institutions in the world such as Royal Bank of Scotland, Deutsche Bank and GE Capital. In this episode, David generously shares the most important lessons he’s gained across two decades and speaks about the need for a digital DNA if organisations were to become truly digital. Start listening now!

Transformation · CIO

Esteemed former-CIO and innovation expert Joseph Edwin joins us on The CEO.digital Show for an insightful discussion on how Silicon Valley evolved in the early 00s, how to ensure transformation success, and how to nurture the next generation of business leaders. Listen in now for more!


What Can Business Leaders Do to Promote Sustainability? Our Panel Has Their Say

In a first-of-its-kind panel discussion on The CEO.digital Show, we brought together a selection of top thought leaders on sustainability to share their thoughts on how technology is powering a green revolution in business. Listen to the full podcast now.

Erik Eklund, Founder of BE The BEAT, on Helping Brands Tell Authentic Stories & Facilitating Human Connection

On this episode of the CEO.digital Show, we talk with Founder of BE the BEAT, Erik Eklund, about telling authentic stories and facilitating human connections.

Tarek Nseir, Head of Digital Engagement, EMEA, at EPAM, on Using Data to Reach the CX Holy Grail

Tarek Nseir, Head of Digital Engagement, EMEA, at EPAM is on to discuss the role of data in CX, and how EPAM and Sitecore using data to drive growth for their clients. Enjoy the insights!

Dr Anushka Patchava, Deputy CMO at Vitality, on Why Real Transformation & Personalisation Hinges on Effective Use of Data

Tune into The CEO.digital Show with Dr. Anushka Patchava from Vitality to hear about using data effectively to drive personalisation and transformation.

Matt Cadieux, CIO at Red Bull Racing Honda, on Connecting Distributed Workforces for Seamless Decision-Making in Formula 1

We interviewed the CIO of Red Bull Racing, Matt Cadieux, to find out more about what it takes for IT to support a winning F1 team in the 2021 season.

Natalie Billingham, Vice President Sales EMEA at Akamai Technologies, on Augmenting Data with Edge for Better Cybersecurity & Getting More Women in Tech

Tune into The CEO.digital Show with Natalie Billingham from Akamai to learn about how to use your data to fortify your security posture and much more.

Scott Ballina, Senior Director of Diversity, Belonging & Giving at Citrix, on the Value of Inclusion & the Multi-Generational Workforce

Listen in as Scott Ballina, Senior Director of Diversity, Belonging, & Giving at Citrix talks on the value of inclusion, productive disruption, and multi-generational workforces.

James Norman, EMEA Health & Life Science Director at Pure Storage, on How Data Can Drive a Better Future for Healthcare Patients

James Norman, EMEA Health & Life Science Director at Pure Storage, joined us to discuss the profound impact of data in improving healthcare. Listen in to learn more.


In addition to our main show, the EXTRA series will feature leading experts from outside the C-Suite as we attempt to uncover how critical business functions continue to evolve in the face of tech advances.

Naomi Newport, VP of Global Enablement at Pure Storage, on Building Modern Data Experiences for Top Enterprises

What defines a market leading enterprise today? For Naomi Newport, it’s their ability to build a powerful data-driven experience, combined with an empathetic approach to the workplace. In this episode of The CEO.digital Show EXTRA, we learn more about Naomi’s views, including what data centres can do to promote sustainability and much more.

Josh Olson, Global Head of Experience Solutions & GSI Sales, VMware, on the Processes & Technologies Driving the Workplace of the Future

On The CEO.digital Show EXTRA this week is Global Head of Experience Solutions & GSI Sales at VMware, Josh Olson, to share industry leading thoughts on the experience-led workplace bought about by the new era of remote working.

Tanya Spee, Partnerships & PR Manager at Vattenfall Solar Team, on Solar-Powered Vehicles & Bringing About a Greener Future

In a quickfire episode of The CEO.digital Show EXTRA, we spoke to Tanya Spee of Vattenfall Solar Team about advances in solar-powered vehicle technology.

Dr James Robey, Global Head of Corporate Sustainability at Capgemini, on Accelerating Sustainability in the Technology Sector

We sat down with Dr James Robey of Capgemini to hear more about who should drive sustainability within the enterprise in this episode of The CEO.digital Show EXTRA.

The CEO.digital Show is brought to you by host Craig McCartney. Each episode, we’ll be interviewing major thought and industry leaders to learn how they are embracing new technologies and strategies to create new value and success for their companies. Find us on all major podcast streaming platforms.



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