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Episode #5

HR · Employee Engagement · Leadership

Jane Christopher, Citrix Sr HR Business Partner, on Building Enhanced Employee Experiences in the Remote Working Age

We welcome Jane Christopher to The CEO.digital Show for an in-depth look at employee experience and why it’s more vital than ever. We also look at boosting collaboration during the remote working era through digital transformation and upskilling, and how to improve employee wellbeing in a distributed workforce. These are the insights you need to strategise for 2021!

with Jane Christopher
Senior HR Business Partner, Citrix

Episode #4

CGO · MarTech

Scott Vaughan, Integrate CGO, On Elusive Sales & Marketing Alignment & the Growth Director’s Role as Catalyst

The CEO.digital Show returns with a sit-down with Scott Vaughan, Integrate’s Chief Growth Officer, to chat about the rising role of Growth Director, why it’s wrong to try and align sales and marketing, and the future of MarTech.

with Scott Vaughan
Chief Growth Officer, Integrate

Episode #3

CISO · Cloud · Security

Jon Cosson, JM Finn CISO, Shares the Evolution of Cyber Threats & the Benefits of Private Cloud

Since the 1980s, Jon Cosson has been fascinated by cybersecurity. In this instalment of The CEO.digital Show, we talked to Jon about how cyber threats have evolved over the past 35 years, JM Finn’s security-led response to the pandemic, and why he has championed virtualisation and a private cloud approach in his role as CISO. Don’t miss the discussion!

with Jon Cosson
Head of IT & CISO, JM Finn

Episode #2

CTO · Cloud · Transformation

Jeff DeVerter, Rackspace CTO, on How to Extract Value from Cloud & Digital Transformation After Covid-19

After a career in music, Jeff DeVerter made the move into technology and has now found himself CTO at Rackspace. There, he uses his creativity and passion for tech to help companies embrace cloud technology. We talked about the state of the cloud market today and why it has been the technological answer to the business issues raised by Covid-19.

with Jeff DeVerter
CTO, Rackspace Technology

Episode #1

CMO · CX · Transformation

Paige O’Neill, Sitecore CMO, Discusses Brand Vs Demand Gen & the CEO/CMO Dynamic

We sat down with Paige O’Neill to discuss the origins and future of CX and the vital role digital transformation is playing in business today. We also talked about Paige’s leadership style, her relationship as a CMO with the rest of the C-Suite, and why her goal is ‘always to hire people a lot smarter than [she is] and just get out of their way’.

with Paige O’Neill
CMO, Sitecore

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