Cecilie Anker Andersen, Sitecore’s Nordics Region Vice President on Increasing Market Share with a Bold CX Strategy

Cecilie Anker Andersen from Sitecore joined us this week on The CEO.digital Show to pick apart one of the most difficult challenges facing enterprises today: CX. She reveals the key ingredients of success that marketing leaders need to get right, even before they think about their use case. Tune in to learn more.

Customer Experience (CX) used to be a particular focus for marketing leaders in the B2C market. Not anymore. Today, the need for an exceptional CX is felt acutely even by the B2B industry. Good CX can help you stand out even in a heavily saturated market. It can help you win new customers. Retain those that you have already won. And grow your overall market share. Yet, despite all these advantages, why do so many enterprises struggle to get it right?

In this episode, Cecilie, the Nordics Region Vice President for Sitecore, answers exactly that question. She begins by talking about why there has been a sudden shift in focus towards CX in the B2B industry. She then lays out the patterns she has noticed working with some of the largest brands in Italy. Patterns that hold companies back from fully realising their CX promises. And what marketing leaders and IT leaders are doing about it.

Throughout the episode, she returns to same theme: aligning people, processes and tech so that they all move in the same direction.

Listen now to find out why this is the baseline from which every CX transformation should begin:

[10:43] – The impact of the pandemic on the B2B market 
[14:22] – Maturing your enterprise for the use of AI and Data in personalisation   
[17:30] – Why C-suite leaders need more awareness to make the right hiring decisions  
[18:17] – How Data plays a key role in creating an omnichannel experience  
[19:41] – Why getting your use case right is key to your tech investment success  
[24:28] – Why a new trend of marketing and IT collaboration is emerging in CX  
[25:45] – What things are needed by the CX leader to get buy-in for their plan 
[27:11] – Advice for aspiring sales leaders in the technology industry  

Optimising your customer journey across an enterprise requires that you get your data sorted. You need one single repository to manage it in order to give that seamless experience the customer is looking for.

Cecilie Anker Andersen,
Regional Vice President, Nordics, Sitecore

Cecilie Anker Andersen,
Regional Vice President, Nordics, Sitecore

Cecilie Anker Andersen is the Regional Vice President of Sitecore in the Nordics. She over saw Sitecore’s new Milan office as the Regional Sales Manager and helped the brand break into the Italian market. She has worked closely with a variety of clients across many verticals. She supports CMOs and CDOs in global enterprises to achieve successful CX Transformation.



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