Jannik Devantier, Director of Business Optimisation & Value Engineering EMEA at Sitecore, on Future-Proofing CX Trends and the Culture of Personalisation

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We talk to Jannik Devantier to catch a glimpse of the skyrocketing path that Customer Experience initiatives have taken since the spring of 2020. He reveals the latest on adoption – both of culture and technology – future trends, and some surprising industries leading on the CX front.

Just over a year into the pandemic, it’s clear that life online is here to stay. Competition for customers is well and truly in the virtual realm, and personalisation is the weapon of choice – but how do you implement it successfully, and who is taking the lead? We were delighted to speak to Jannik Devantier, Director of Business Optimisation & Value Engineering EMEA at Sitecore, to get some answers.

Jannik started at Sitecore in 2004. Initially focused on website content management, the company has since grown to lead on commerce, email, and now globally on personalisation software. These technologies have been floating on the peripheries of business leaders’ minds for a long time, but the rush to adopt started well and truly in the spring of 2020. In the first months of the pandemic, tech adoption was equivalent to 3 years in 3 months. But as we find out, technology is only the enabler, with the culture and teams driving CX initiatives being the true backbone.

Listen in to learn about:

  • The personalisation trends shaping Customer Experience journeys across industries today
  • Getting buy-in for personalisation initiatives
  • Driving a CX-adapted culture organically by starting small, experimenting, and letting shining results gradually win over the wider organisation
  • Why successful CX and personalisation strategies can’t be bought
  • How even legacy-heavy industries such as FSI are leaping ahead on the personalisation front


Jannik Devantier
Director of Business Optimisation & Value Engineering EMEA

Jannik works closely with Sitecore prospects, customers, and partners to help drive the successful adoption and ongoing use of the Sitecore Experience Platform. He has had a hand in developing and using Sitecore value-based selling, whilst leading the dialogue in challenging multicultural settings through customer stakeholder workshops, competitor differentiation, digital strategy consultation and digital optimisation initiatives.

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