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Guest article
Data bias in AI: Causes, consequences and solutions


Uthman Ali, AI SME on AI ethics and human rights

S1 E3 - Uthman Ali - Banners - A01-guest image


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The Show Podcasts

S1 E3 - Uthman Ali - Banners - A01-guest image

Uthman Ali
AI Ethics SME

S1 E2 - Dr. Maya Dillon - banners - A01 - speaker

Dr Maya Dillon
Cambridge Consultants

Toju Duke headshot

Toju Duke
Founder, Diverse AI


AI Ethicist, Uthman Ali, discusses bias and ethics on the limitless AI horizon

In this final episode in our Responsible AI series, we speak with Uthman Ali. Responsible AI Advisor to the World Economic Forum, former paralegal, and philosophical AI thinker, Uthman talks to us about accountability, applicability, and the ethics surrounding AI use.

As AI continues to evolve exponentially, it’s up to business leaders, governments, and regulatory bodies to enact, police, and legislate for responsible AI use.

But while we get wrapped up in the fervour of AI’s present applications, the future is as uncertain as it is exciting. Minds like AI Ethicist, Uthman Ali, are the ones working to construct the boundaries within which AI can flourish without causing undue harm.

In this interview, Uthman unpicks the short and long-term implications of AI with a positive outlook that paints it as a universal enabler. What matters most now is that we first define the parameters with which it can be used safely.

Uthman Ali
AI Ethicist

Uthman Ali is a successful and experienced AI Ethicist, passionate about guiding ethical and responsible AI adoption to benefit humanity. He’s an expert in AI ethics, digital policy, human rights law and strategic partnership development to drive transformative change. He’s worked for household names, advises for the World Economic Forum and AI startups, and advocates for creating an AI-aware society.

You’ll hear insights including:

[04:23] – Who are we protecting by ensuring AI is unbiased?
[07:15] – The application of AI ethics across the business landscape
[10:47] – Who do we hold accountable for major AI mistakes?
[16:48] – Can we achieve truly impartial AI?
[18:08] – The implication of bias without localised nuance
[19:23] – AI affecting human behaviour
[22:13] – AI as an independent strategic decision-maker
[24:30] – How can SMEs protect against AI bias?
[28:43] – AI as a creative tool
[30:23] – The ethical concerns of a limitless AI horizon

The full podcast is available now on all major streaming services, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more.


Dr Maya Dillon of Cambridge Consultants’ on balancing AI innovation with AI regulation

In the next episode of our series on Responsible AI, we’re looking at how businesses can innovate in the seemingly lawless AI space, while also establishing frameworks to keep people and reputation safe from harm. Listen as Dr Maya Dillon, Cambridge Consultants’ Head of AI Capabilities outlines which questions to ask when you want to (responsibly) thrive with AI.

Is AI finally coming of age? As the technology becomes more mature, so must our approach to using it.

If the last twelve months can be defined in part by shock and excitement over what AI is capable of, then the next ten years will be defined by what we choose to do with it once the dust has settled.

What’s needed is a pause for breath, as business leaders consider where they want to go with AI, and how best to ensure we get there safely.

We spoke to Dr Maya Dillon of Cambridge Consultants to unpick the puzzle of establishing guardrails. How can enterprises nurture AI innovation, while also defending against legal quagmires and loss of reputation? Listen now to find out.

Dr. Maya Dillon
Head of AI Capabilities,
Cambridge Consultants

Dr Maya Dillon is an AI expert with a love for science, technology and its application in augmenting human ingenuity to empower the world. She has had a varied career; from astrophysics to running her own business as an executive coach to working as a data scientist before finding her platform at Cambridge Consultants as Head of AI Capabilities.

You’ll hear insights including:

[03:31]: Why now is the right time to talk about responsible AI
[07:40]: Where to begin when setting up internal AI governance
[12:42]: The current state of AI regulation
[15:23]: Predictions for the future of business in a post-AI world
[18:33]: AI assurance and how you can apply it

The full podcast is available now on all major streaming services, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more.


Diverse AI founder Toju Duke on why you should care about responsible AI

In the first episode of our series on Responsible AI, we’re shining a light on how to build an AI future that’s secure and safe for everyone. Listen as Toju Duke, author and founder of Diverse AI, defines responsible AI use and explains how to fight bias and protect your online reputation.

When motorcars first became available, they moved painfully slow. But even so, people got hurt.

Those early cars lacked seat belts. Speed limits weren’t enforced. There weren’t even stop lights on the roads. It took injury and accident for our awareness to catch up with our ability.

We believe we’re at the same point with AI. Only just dipping our toe into what’s possible, with huge leaps still to come. Which is why it is now vital to think about seat belts to protect us, and stop signs to protect others.

We spoke to Toju Duke of Diverse AI to learn more about how AI can help us all go faster without damage to trust, reputation, or any of the things that matter most. Listen now to hear what she had to say.

Toju Duke headshot

Toju Duke
Founder, Diverse AI

With more than 18 years of experience spanning advertising, retail, not-for-profit and tech, Toju Duke is a popular speaker, thought leader and advisor on Responsible AI. In 2023 she authored the book ‘Building Responsible AI Algorithms’ and founded Diverse AI, a community interest organization dedicated to supporting and championing under-represented groups for a more inclusive AI future.

You’ll hear insights including:

[03:06]: Real world examples of irresponsible AI
[09:35]: Ground-rules for fair and responsible AI practice
[20:00]: Striking the right collaborative balance between human and machine learning
[22:52]: How AI tools could help us overcome our human bias to influence a more fair society
[29:20]: What business leaders should do to protect their enterprises from irresponsible AI

The full podcast is available now on all major streaming services, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more.


Guest articles

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