Digital Insights for the C-suite

Building Crisis-Proof IT Infrastructure for the Enterprise

Over two months into the coronavirus lockdown, we’re starting to see a clear divide between prepared and unprepared businesses. Some had the necessary infrastructure...

Remote Work is Transforming Organizational Culture

If asked a few months ago about his views on remote working, Luke Tobin, the CEO of the digital marketing agency Digital Ethos, would...

On-Demand Webinar: The Connected Workplace within FSI

Establish a truly connected workforce today In 2020, the game changed. Organisations all around the world woke up to a new reality of remote working....

On-Demand Webinar: A Bulletproof Content Strategy for CMOs That Scales

Enhance your content strategy today More people than ever before are moving online, consuming content at an unprecedented rate. But creating more standardised content to...

Low-Code, High-Impact: Accelerate and Augment Your Digital Transformation Journey

This webinar is for IT Leaders looking to accelerate growth, adapt to the ever-changing climate in IT and augment application delivery to align enterprise goals to people, processes and platforms.

On-Demand Webinar: The Life-Changing Impact of AI in Healthcare

This webinar is for IT Leaders in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries looking to understand the impact of AI on their industries and how...

Boost Your Global Ecommerce Strategy: Gain an Onshore Advantage

Join us for the first live event in our Commerce Passport series to learn how a localized approach to your global commerce presence will increase conversions, ensure customer satisfaction, and deliver 8-15% more revenue.

Crisis-Ready, Crisis-Proof: Transforming IT Infrastructure to be Ready for Tomorrow

The year 2020 and beyond requires a new strategy for your IT infrastructure. Watch this webinar to learn how to tackle the data tsunami, reduce complexity and improve agility, scalability and lower cost.