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We’re gathering expert perspectives regarding the tech world’s impact on impending climate change – and how those same innovations might help forge a more sustainable future.

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Dr Victoria Hurth on governance as the key to world-changing sustainability innovations

Dr Victoria Hurth is the first guest in our new series of sustainability-focused conversations. Listen in to hear her take on the concepts and frameworks that have brought us to this crucial point in history. Dr Hurth believes that only through a thorough investigation and reformation of governance across business and government, can we create the global change we need.

We can’t reach a more sustainable future without first agreeing on the direction and pace to get us there. In this inspiring interview, Dr Victoria Hurth plots a roadmap to a sustainable existence that promotes long-term well-being for all.

Dr Victoria Hurth is an independent pracademic and sustainability expert, with a list of accomplishments that includes co-leadership of the development of ISO37000, the first ever global standard on governance for organizations.

Dr Victoria Hurth
Independent pracademic and sustainability expert

Dr Victoria Hurth is an independent pracademic and sustainability expert.

Her work helps people cut through the chaos of sustainability and ESG to become leaders in long-term wellbeing for all. She believes in the importance of defining and operationalising a wellbeing economy through purpose-driven organisations, and in driving forward the requisite governance and culture with which to make that happen.


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In this episode, we unpack the value of quality governance as a key driver of long-term sustainability and change around the world. Listen in to hear insights such as:

[04:12] – The importance of definitions, terminology, and addressing assumptions
[06:17] – Three things we need in order to move forward with large scale sustainability solutions
[10:12] – The creation of ISO37000 – a tremendously important governance benchmark
[15:32] – How poor sustainability is a failing of governance, and what can be done to change it
[20:51] – False assumptions in the market economy and non-financial, foundational capital
[29:03] – The best places to focus your attention for large-scale sustainability advancement

Transcript coming soon.