Vue Cinemas Case Study: How to Implement Omnichannel Personalisation at Scale

How do you stand apart from your competitors in a world of online noise and monotony? This is the question on every marketing leader’s mind. Read this case study from EPAM to see how Vue Cinemas accomplished exactly this differentiation in a noisy and crowded market. 

Cinema is a highly competitive market, especially because everyone has to work with the same material. To truly personalise, differentiate and standout is not an easy task. Vue Cinemas decided to take a different route. Moving outside the traditional remit of movie content, they created a seamless customer experience. The act of movie going itself became their biggest differentiator.

So how did they do it? And what impact did it have on their business? What are the key areas that they worked on to transform the customer journey? How far should the collaboration between IT and marketing go? There’s a lot that other marketers can learn from this unique case study. Download to discover more.

Picture: Shutterstock


Customer Value Management Matters
Every touch point between you and your customer matters, and data is the skeleton key which opens customer value. Find out how Vue did it on page 3 of the case study

IT & Marketing Collaboration Goes A Long Way
Real transformation that changes the face of your business is impossible without collaboration. Discover in the case study how Vue made it happen.

Tone, Look and Feel Are Key
Your competitor might have the same product or service. But how, when and where you begin speaking to your customers matters. Vue mastered it. More insight is just a click away.


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