The Show: Series Highlights from Our C-Suite Interviews


Series Highlights from
Our C-Suite Interviews

Start your journey with The Show podcast with these series highlights from across topics and professions

The Show has been bringing the voice of the C-Suite to you since Autumn, 2020. For the benefit of you who are new to the podcast, we’ve curated a selection of our most popular shows.

Listen to highlights and insights from the realms of digital transformation, cloud technology, healthcare, branding, sustainability, cybersecurity, and much more from global business leaders.


Tarek Nseir on the Show

“Younger generations have a greater viewpoint on what they believe should shape the world. I wish the rest of us would catch up.”

Tarek Nseir


Tarek Nseir
Head of Digital Engagement, EMEA, at EPAM, on Using Data to Reach the CX Holy Grail

Starting his first design agency while still at university, Tarek Nseir’s maverick entrepreneurship has seen him seeking innovative solutions to difficult problems from an early age. His over 15 years of marketing experience includes standout achievements like working with J.K Rowling on Pottermore, and successfully running the leading digital agency, TH_NK, before that was bought by EPAM.

On this episode, Tarek joins us to talk about personalisation and the incredible progress businesses are making and what the future of personalisation may look like. He gets into the deep waters of customer experience, why he thinks omnichannel is the Holy Grail, and the difference between true omnichannel and the far more common multi-channel. We also discuss his formative professional years and how the lessons he learned as an ambitious twenty-something informed his current success. Listen in for more fascinating insights.


Mary Edwards
President of Healthcare Provider Business at NTT DATA Services, on Transformation in Healthcare and the Post-Pandemic Workplace

With over 30 years of experience at the highest levels of healthcare, Mary Edwards is a healthcare goliath, contributing to life-saving programs and initiatives that have built a stellar resume. She’s currently leading the charge as an advocate for digital and cultural transformation in the healthcare industry as part of her role at NTT DATA and believes there’s still much to do on the horizon.

Mary joined us on the Show to discuss her day to day as the President of Healthcare Provider Business, the break-neck speed of adaptation that was necessary at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, and delivering lifesaving value chains in healthcare. She also discusses her vision of the future digital workplace, something that requires a cultural shift as much as monetary investment. Listen in to hear all this and more.

The CEO digital Show - Mary Edwards A02 - Guest

“If we can remember the lessons of what it took to come together quickly, solve effectively… we can keep that momentum going.”

Mary Edwards

The CEO digital Jeremy IBM -hero- A01

“CMOs need to work more on applying economic value to their stories.”

Jeremy Connell-Waite


Jeremy Connell-Waite
Global Communications Designer at IBM, on the Power of Storytelling & Reaching the C-Suite

A certified storytelling wizard, Jeremy has been wowing audiences with his messaging prowess for over a decade, including senior roles at Salesforce and Adobe before joining IBM in 2016. He’s a climate activist, collaborating with the United Nations on various climate initiatives, and a speechwriter and scholar, learning as much as he can about what made the greats great. As the Global Communications Designer at IBM, Jeremy uses his expertise to show how good humans and emerging technology can work together to positively impact people, the planet, and the bottom line.

On the Show, Jeremy shared his vast storytelling knowledge about storytelling, the neuroscience behind effective communication, and the work he’s doing at IBM. He also spoke of the C-suite’s responsibility towards addressing climate change, working with climate change advocate and former United States presidential candidate, Al Gore, and key techniques for building an irresistible message.


Aparna Rayasam
SVP & General Manager of Application Security at Akamai Technologies on Helping Enterprises Stay One Step Ahead in the Cybersecurity Game

Aparna Rayasam stands at the forefront of modern security, with a lengthy resume spanning over two decades and a reputation that precedes her. She’s held in incredibly high esteem and it’s easy to see why; the work she does to protect global enterprises in an increasingly complex and fluid space is nigh-invaluable.

She joined us on the show to discuss what evolutions have taken place across the vast cybersecurity landscape and since the start of the pandemic, the top challenges facing organisation in the era of hybrid work, and how machine learning and AI are providing game-changing advancements. She also unpacks her opinions on a CISOs greatest asset in the fight against bad actors – acknowledging them as sophisticated businesspeople and responding accordingly.

Aparna Rayasam , Akamai Technologies

“It’s almost an asymmetric warfare. Organisations and customers must do a lot to figure out exactly what their attack surfaces are.”

Aparna Rayasam

The CEO digital Show - Michael Taylor A01 - Guest

“I’m less excited by technology… that’s the easy part. I’m more excited by people and processes.”

Michael Taylor


Michael Taylor
IT Director of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team, on the Tech & People Powering Motorsport Success

From his local borough council to leading IT in one of sport’s most successful teams, Michael Taylor is on the front line of the exhilarating world of F1 from the factory to the track. Overseeing the technology behind Mercedes-AMG Petronas, he believes that tech is simply an enabler for world-class people and processes.

Michael joined us on the Show to unpack what it’s like to work in F1, the demands of the reactive and always-on environment in which he and his team must thrive, and the constant pursuit of operational excellence. He also discusses fusing digital engineering transformation and IT to turn trackside and factory-based IT operations remote, as well as how to form and execute a strategic vision for your business. Listen in for insights from the pit lane and beyond.


James Norman
EMEA Health & Life Science Director at Pure Storage, on How Data Can Drive a Better Future for Healthcare Patients

James Norman is a healthcare innovator and award-winning CIO and IT professional helping bring remarkable capability gains to the healthcare sector by modernising their approach to data. His vast experience has seen him lead recovery and transformation teams at NHS hospitals around the UK, instilling a passion for improving patient experience and outcomes through the targeted use of technology.

In this episode of The Show, we discuss James’ vision for the future of healthcare and how data and infrastructure pioneers like Pure Storage can have a profound impact on the global healthcare sector. He also unpacks what he refers to as a “wellness model” of care and details how data gathered during the Covid-19 pandemic can help us be much better prepared for the next pandemic. Tune in to listen to insights from James’ illustrious career.

The CEO digital Show - James Norman A03 - Guest

“Stop thinking about the technology and start thinking about how you’re changing the business.”

James Norman

These are just some of the series highlights from our newly established podcast, The Show. But there’s much more to learn, with interviews from Cecilia Harvey (CEO of Hyve Dynamics), Huw Owen (CEO of Ark Data Centres), Matt Cadieux (CIO of Red Bull Racing), and many more to enjoy.

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