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Why Enterprises Cannot Be Complacent with Cybersecurity in 2022

2022 will hold many challenges, but for Lewis Huynh of NinjaOne there is no more pressing issue than that of cybersecurity. Here, he discusses why the C-suite must act now to resecure the enterprise.

The Business View of Credential Stuffing and Account Takeovers

Security leaders are realizing that preventing credential stuffing attacks requires a more business-oriented approach. Read this Akamai guest article to find out more.

Why It’s the Age of the Playful Leader

Esteemed author and thought leader Paul Pethick argues that the time has come for the C-suite to embrace play in the corporate sphere in this exclusive guest article.

Going Native: The Cloud Connectivity Opportunity for IoT

Frank Stoecker of Emnify shares why going native could be the Internet-of-Things-driven business opportunity for enterprise leaders this year in this guest article.

How M&A Activity Could Increase Your Skills Shortage

Mergers and acquisitions skyrocketed in 2021, but all this activity could leave some enterprises with skills shortages. Learn why and avoid the issue with these insights from Jonathan Beech of Migrate UK.

Getting Ahead of the Next Cyber Breach

Learn how to get ahead of the next potential cybersecurity breach with the CTO of Bitglass, Anurag Kahol, in this new guest spotlight.

Are You Unknowingly Putting Your Business At Risk?

In a new guest piece from Bitglass CEO and Co-Founder, Nat Kausik, we learn why your existing security infrastructure might be leaving your business open to new forms of attack.

Preparing Your Enterprise for the Cookieless World

In 2022, the most important change for customer experience will be the proposed phasing out of third-party cookies. Discover how you can prepare today.

Composable Ecommerce Is the Future of Online Shopping   

To meet rapidly changing customer demands, market leaders are adopting composable ecommerce. But how is it different? And what are its benefits? Read to find out.