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How Agility, Empathy and Purpose Steered Mastercard During a Pandemic

Adobe explores how Mastercard pivoted to digital swiftly and effectively during the pandemic- thanks to solid technology planning and a supportive culture to match.

Brazil Is Open for Business — Are You?

Brazil's new financial regulations are set to open up business opportunities with the rest of the world. Find out how your company could benefit in the article.

7 Reasons Why Every Organisation Should Plan for Digital ID Adoption

Businesses must react to the ever-evolving world of digital ID and adopt it in their practices or risk being left behind, argues Nick Mothershaw of the OIX.

Data Governance – Key Questions to Ensure Effective Delivery

Michael Queenan of Nephos Technologies provides insights on the key questions senior data leaders must answer to enhance their governance processes.

In a Digital World, Information Security Risks Are Always Also Business...

Are you protecting your data sufficiently? Richard Blanford argues that if you’re not, you’re putting your entire business at risk, too.

Empower Your Employees With Modern Field Service

To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace. Modern workplace specialists, NTT DATA, shed light on why you should begin...

Five Ways to Optimize the Remote Worker Experience

In a year when organisations across the board have shifted to virtual environments, creating seamless digital experiences across digital workspaces is point critical. NTT...

Global Britain? Why Britain’s Digital Transformation Expertise Could Remain Untapped

Neil Collard of Great State looks at why the UK's digital skills and transformation experience could be undervalued and underused on the global market.

Data in the Clouds: Why Enterprises Are Turning to Backup-as-a-Service Solutions

Jonathan Bowl of Commvault analyses why enterprises are focusing more attention on backup-as-a-service. Read the full guest article now.