The GE Healthcare Success Story: How Integrating Commerce & Content Can Drive Both CX & Sales

Evolving your commerce and content in lockstep means better CX and improved sales and retention. Download this report from EPAM showing how GE healthcare hit just the right note by embracing a whole new integrated model.

Large enterprises which have grown and acquired new businesses face a major challenge: how do you integrate disparate legacy platforms and systems into one cohesive ecosystem? Silos hurt more than your team’s efficiency. Content cannot be accessed by your site visitors seamlessly. Unresponsive design, bad architecture, and poor personalisation, together dampen both your CX and revenue potential.

GE Healthcare realized this. They decided not to let their platforms and silos control their future. They shed their legacy systems and embraced a composable approach, which allowed them to pick and choose the features they wanted to configure for their ecommerce. The IT and marketing departments worked closely, challenging the age-old status quo. The result? Customers wanted to buy more, bought more, and came back to buy more often.

Download your exclusive report from EPAM to find out how they did it.


Headless, Scalable and API-first Approach Means Greater Agility 
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Build a Centralised Repository to Access All Your Resources
GE Healthcare achieved a 323% increase in institutional spend by making sure that the right content was available to the right people at the right time. Find out how you can do the same in the full report.

Composable Architecture Is the Future 
Composable architecture is redefining what it means to do business online. Download the full report to see why now is the best time to start.



Poor Content Execution Sabotages Digital Strategy, But There’s a Way Out

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Creating a Sustainable Content Strategy that Supports Business Growth 

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