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Workplaces are changing in the face of global challenges like Covid-19. Targeted at C-level HR and IT professionals alike, Citrix’s new series of thought leadership and networking events on shows how IT and HR are the pillars for employee experience.

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May 2021: CEO.digital Café

Aligning HR & IT for Employee Experience Maturity

Rise early for this breakfast peer-to-peer networking experience and discussion for C-Suite leaders

25th May 2021

July 2021: CEO.digital Boardroom

Sign up to this hyper-exclusive virtual microevent to have your pressing business concerns addressed by CX leaders

25th June 2021

Coming September 2021: CEO.digital Boardroom

Sign up to this hyper-exclusive virtual microevent to have your pressing business concerns addressed by CX leaders

7th September 2021

Coming September 2021: Chief Wine Officer

Network with your peers, learn more about the major CX issues facing marketing and digital leaders, and sample some of the world’s finest wines introduced by a certified wine expert

14th September 2021

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Securing the Remote Workforce with Zero-Trust Strategies

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What’s on the agenda?
At this exclusive roundtable discussion, we’re bringing together just six security leaders from across Europe to address the zero-trust methodologies sweeping the industry today. We’ll talk about implementation, the challenges we’ve faced, and how we’ve overcome them. Will we see you there?

When is it?
Thursday 8th July

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How Flexible Work Supports Sustainability Initiatives

Monica Gonzalez, Sustainability Marketing Associate at Citrix, looks at how flexible working could help drastically reduce emissions and help enterprises meet sustainability goals.

Four Ways Moving to the Cloud Supports a Sustainability Strategy

In this quick-read article, Citrix examines four key ways that cloud-powered transformation can help IT leaders achieve their sustainability goals.

Why You Need a Long-Term Remote Work Security Plan

Learn how to build a long-term remote working security plan with these fresh insights from Citrix. VPNs aren't as secure as you think and zero trust is crucial.

The Brainstorm Is Broken: How to Improve Your Company’s Idea Culture

Innovators Citrix examine how to improve your company's idea culture by reassessing the creative method. Read the full guest article now.

Top 3 Strategies for Creating a Truly Efficient Digital Workplace

Citrix outlines the top 3 strategies for ensuring your digital workplace thrives as businesses move forward with creating hybrid working models.

Why Digital Transformations Fail

Why do digital transformations fail? Citrix outlines three of the main reasons why transformation efforts fail - and what organisations can do to make them succeed.


Work 2035: How People & Technology Will Pioneer New Ways of...

How will technology change the way we work? Citrix asked the world's top professionals what the world of work in 2035 would look like. Download the report now.

Why Digital Modernisation & Enhancing Employee Experience Works Better Together

Grasping the frictionless office of the future has become indispensable to businesses recently but requires a game plan. Citrix provides thoughts on the immersion of new IT with workforces for best results.

Three Principles to Guide Your Employee Experience Strategy

Uncover the secrets to employee experience success with Citrix’s in-depth investigation into the guiding principles behind the best EX strategies.


Share, Discuss & Enhance Your Employee Experience

An expert in his field, Jon focuses on creating business value through innovation and bridging people, culture and technology

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Jon Cook
Director, Strategic Accounts – EMEA, Citrix
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Hear from Influential Thought Leaders

Listen to episodes from The CEO.digital Show where we talk with Citrix about human sustainability, HR and employee wellness in remote working environments

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Jason Fowler, Head of HR at Fujitsu Global, on Why HR Must Champion Digital Solutions to Enhance Employee Experience

Jason Fowler joins us on The CEO.digital Show for this week’s podcast. We discuss how HR must evolve to be more technologically minded, enhance the employee experience, and how to promote employee wellbeing during remote working.

P-O Johansson, EMEA Strategist at Citrix, on Human Sustainability & Creating a Digital Workspace Centred on Employee Wellbeing

We welcomed P-O Johansson to The CEO.digital Show to learn about the evolution of digital workspaces and how they’re shaping employee wellbeing initiatives – and cutting costs in the process.

Natasa Rubesa, Project Manager in Global HR at Atos, on the Evolution of the HR Role & Anywhere Operations

We were thrilled to invite Natasa Rubesa for an exclusive interview on the first episode of The CEO.digital Show EXTRA. Tune in for more on the evolution of the HR function.

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Citrix provides technology that empowers organisations to unlock potential and deliver a better employee experience. Citrix’s goal is to give people the space to succeed and do their best work – wherever they are.

The Citrix platform brings intelligence, virtualisation, workspace and app delivery, a zero-trust security approach, and data analytics together in a seamless experience that fosters innovation, resilience, and business continuity. From enabling sustainable remote work models to streamlining the journey to multi-cloud, Citrix helps securely deliver how work gets done today and in the future.

For more information, visit the Citrix website.


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