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Hybrid working is here to stay – and so are the new challenges it has presented. Overcome these and many more experience-related issues with this new series of business-critical insights and networking events from Citrix.


What are employees expecting from their working environments? A whole new experience, driven by a virtual and connected workspace.


The distributed workforce has meant a drastic increase in the attack surface. But how can you re-secure the enterprise while maintaining a seamless experience?

How Is the C-Suite Transforming the Hybrid Working Environment?


The C-Suite & Sustainability: A Symbiotic Relationship for a Green Future

CEO.digital and Citrix interviewed a selection of sustainability thought leaders on how businesses can power sustainability and transformation plans. Report available now!

Sustainability Through Community: The Key to a Sustainable Business Model

Businesses’ responsibility to accelerate sustainable solutions is increasing, and rightly so. In this report, Citrix provide an in-depth look at new models of business and resources needed to address climate change.

Flexible Work: A New Weapon in the Fight Against Climate Change

As the Green Future Index proves, new modes of work are not just more convenient. They can meaningfully address climate change. Citrix discuss the implications in this guest post.

It’s Just Good Business: How Sustainability Can Start with IT

A sustainability revolution is coming to the world of business, and IT has a critical role to play. Learn more and how emerging tech can help build a greener way of working right here in an exclusive report from Citrix.

Three Ways IT Leaders Can Prepare for the Next-Gen Workforce

Prepare the IT function for the next generation of employees and what they'll expect with this new and exclusive report from thought leaders Citrix.

How Flexible Work Supports Sustainability Initiatives

Monica Gonzalez, Sustainability Marketing Associate at Citrix, looks at how flexible working could help drastically reduce emissions and help enterprises meet sustainability goals.


IT Sustainability & Workplace Experience

Climate change has forced companies of every size to rethink how they operate as they chase sustainability goals.

But one area that doesn’t get the attention it should is the IT function. Citrix is working to change that.

Stay Ahead with Insights on Seamless Security Approaches


Securing the Future of the Connected Office

When is it?
Tuesday 7th December

Who is it for?
IT & security decision-makers

What’s on the agenda?
What can IT and security decision-makers do to enhance the employee experience of the connected office – without compromising on security?
At this exclusive roundtable discussion for just four C-level leaders, we’ll be addressing exactly that and much more. RSVP now to discover how to empower people to do their very best work, securely.

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Sasa Citrix

Saša Petrović,
Solution Strategist,

Gerard Lavin CTO Citrix

Gerard Lavin,


Cybersecurity 2022: Disrupt and Conquer

Chief Security Strategist Kurt Roemer discusses the major cybersecurity trends coming to the market in 2022 in this new guest article.

Why You Can’t Ignore the Security Risks of Cloud Misconfiguration

Cloud misconfigurations are a real and present threat to the ongoing security of the enterprise. Citrix look at how to secure your cloud infrastructure to thwart the risk.

Why You Need a Long-Term Remote Work Security Plan

Learn how to build a long-term remote working security plan with these fresh insights from Citrix. VPNs aren't as secure as you think and zero trust is crucial.

How to Support More Remote Workers – Without More Tech Complexity

Citrix's new report helps IT leaders to support more remote workers without adding unnecessary complexity to the IT infrastructure. Get your copy and enhance your hybrid working model today.

Reducing Complexity for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is hard, but there is a better way. In this new report, Citrix outlines how CIOs can simplify digital transformation for building a brighter tomorrow, today. Request your free copy now to start reducing digital transformation complexity in your organisation.


Discuss Workspace Experience with the Experts

Leaders in their fields, Katie and Bernard can help you maximise your workspace potential. Connect with them now to learn more.

Headshot Katie Rigby Brown Citrix

Katie Rigby-Brown
Enterprise Account Director,
Banking Sector Lead,

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Bernard Saisse Citrix

Bernard Saisse
EMEA Head of Global and
Strategic Partners,

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Hear from Influential Thought Leaders

Listen to episodes from The CEO.digital Show where we talk with Citrix about human sustainability, HR and employee wellness in remote working environments

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What Can Business Leaders Do to Promote Sustainability? Our Panel Has Their Say

In a first-of-its-kind panel discussion on The CEO.digital Show, we brought together a selection of top thought leaders on sustainability to share their thoughts on how technology is powering a green revolution in business. Listen to the full podcast now.

Tanya Spee, Partnerships & PR Manager at Vattenfall Solar Team, on Solar-Powered Vehicles & Bringing About a Greener Future

In a quickfire episode of The CEO.digital Show EXTRA, we spoke to Tanya Spee of Vattenfall Solar Team about advances in solar-powered vehicle technology.

Dr James Robey, Global Head of Corporate Sustainability at Capgemini, on Accelerating Sustainability in the Technology Sector

We sat down with Dr James Robey of Capgemini to hear more about who should drive sustainability within the enterprise in this episode of The CEO.digital Show EXTRA.

Matt Cadieux, CIO at Red Bull Racing Honda, on Connecting Distributed Workforces for Seamless Decision-Making in Formula 1

We interviewed the CIO of Red Bull Racing, Matt Cadieux, to find out more about what it takes for IT to support a winning F1 team in the 2021 season.

Jason Fowler, Head of HR at Fujitsu Global, on Why HR Must Champion Digital Solutions to Enhance Employee Experience

Jason Fowler joins us on The CEO.digital Show for this week’s podcast. We discuss how HR must evolve to be more technologically minded, enhance the employee experience, and how to promote employee wellbeing during remote working.

P-O Johansson, EMEA Strategist at Citrix, on Human Sustainability & Creating a Digital Workspace Centred on Employee Wellbeing

We welcomed P-O Johansson to The CEO.digital Show to learn about the evolution of digital workspaces and how they’re shaping employee wellbeing initiatives – and cutting costs in the process.

Thank you for the great content, insight and the opportunity to share the views with my peers, and to learn about Citrix capabilities.

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Citrix provides technology that empowers organisations to unlock potential and deliver a better employee experience. Citrix’s goal is to give people the space to succeed and do their best work – wherever they are.

The Citrix platform brings intelligence, virtualisation, workspace and app delivery, a zero-trust security approach, and data analytics together in a seamless experience that fosters innovation, resilience, and business continuity. From enabling sustainable remote work models to streamlining the journey to multi-cloud, Citrix helps securely deliver how work gets done today and in the future.

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