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Citrix helps organizations deliver a consistent and secure work experience no matter where work needs to get done. Their platform brings user experience, IT flexibility and security together to foster innovation, resilience and business continuity — all while removing the limits of geography, devices, networks and even clouds to deliver a better employee experience.

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Workplaces are changing in the face of global challenges like Covid-19.
Citrix’s new series of thought leadership and networking events on employee experience show a clear way forward.


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Priming a New Era of Human Sustainability Powered by HR and Citrix invite you to an elite virtual networking experience for a select few senior HR executives this February. RSVP now to receive a luxurious assortment of refreshments to enjoy throughout the event, and for your opportunity to build new business connections and learn how to enhance your employee experiences and human sustainability in 2021.

Wednesday 17th February | 8:00 – 9:00AM CET
Thursday 25th February | 8:00 – 9:00AM GMT 

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The Show

As part of The Show, we meet P-O Johansson, EMEA Strategist at Citrix to talk human sustainability and employee wellbeing.

P-O Johansson, EMEA Strategist at Citrix, on Human Sustainability & Creating a Digital Workspace Centred on Employee Wellbeing

We welcomed P-O Johansson to The Show this month – and learned all about human sustainability within the workplace. As EMEA Strategist at Citrix, P-O assists enterprises looking to craft digital workspaces that help maintain employee wellbeing. We also chatted about the costs of overlooking human sustainability, as well as our favourite sci-fi films. Listen to the full episode today.

The Show EXTRA

We were thrilled to have Natasa Rubesa join us for this special edition of The Show, the first in our new Extra series.

Natasa Rubesa, Project Manager in Global HR at Atos, on the Evolution of the HR Role & Anywhere Operations

Citrix invited Natasa Rubesa to talk about global HR initiatives and how the HR function will break out of its silo in 2021.
Throughout our interview and deep dive into how HR has had to evolve rapidly in the past year following the pandemic, we learned about how and why organisations must transform, and the role HR plays within that. Natasa also told of how traditional organisations can digitise as much of their existing processes as possible to free up time and resources to be actively involved in re-establishing the corporate culture when the pandemic ends.

The Show

As part of The Show, we meet Jane Christopher, Citrix Sr HR Business Partner to talk employee engagement, inclusion, remote working and leadership.

Jane Christopher, Citrix Sr HR Business Partner, on Building Enhanced Employee Experiences in the Remote Working Age

We welcome Jane Christopher to The Show for an in-depth look at employee experience and why it’s more vital than ever. We also look at boosting collaboration during the remote working era through digital transformation and upskilling, and how to improve employee wellbeing in a distributed workforce. These are the insights you need to strategise for 2021!

Introducing ‘Remote Works’ from Citrix

Working at home? You’re not alone. Whether you’re an orchestra, state government, or NFL football team, every single person, company, and industry has had to rethink how and where they do business. Remote Works looks at the big picture and the small details of working at home. These conversations and stories will help keep you and your team united while you’re working remotely.

Keeping Your Team in Tune

The Covid-19 pandemic didn’t just force companies to adopt new ways of working. In this insightful podcast from Citrix, learn how the Colorado Symphony and the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra responded to global lockdown.


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