How can Enterprise Leaders Participate in the New Era of Hyper-Innovation?

The pandemic has unleashed a new era of enterprise creativity and innovation. Download this new report from Citrix to discover the trends driving this period of growth and the specific features of “hyper-innovative” enterprises.

Before the pandemic, 89% of employees worked exclusively in the office. At the height of the pandemic, this number was down to a mere 3%. Citrix reports how this shift has increased collaboration and synergy within organisations. 

This means increased collaboration, more diverse voices, better ideas, greater innovation, and rapid growth. This is hyper-innovation. It is here. It is happening now.  

But what truly differentiates hyper-innovators from moderate and new innovators? And what sectors are ahead of the game? Most importantly, how can you cultivate and capitalize on this fertile period? Vast opportunities lay ahead. Read the full report to start your journey.        


Three Big Drivers of Growth During the Pandemic
The biggest driver of growth during the pandemic is the adoption of new technology (16%), next only to new ways of working (14%) and new products/services (14%). Download now to find out what the other six drivers are.

The Pandemic has Unleashed Employee Creativity
As employees have adapted to newer ways of working and collaboration, a fresh wave of creativity has been unleashed. How can you ride this wave? The answer is just a click away.

Collaboration is the key  
Hyper-innovative enterprises are more likely to be collaborative (44%). And the C-Suite plays a central role in cultivating collaboration. Discover how in the full report.   



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