Three Ways IT Leaders Can Prepare for the Next-Gen Workforce

Today’s competitive landscape leaves no room for complacency. Companies must innovate to stay ahead, especially now that we live in an era of a next-gen workforce characterised by remote working. It’s time for IT leaders to prepare for this transformation – and this report from Citrix could be your starting point.

It’s no secret that technology evolves rapidly. But what that means in practice is that skills quickly become outdated and needs for new competencies can’t be met fast enough. For the IT function, this is especially true: Automation could soon wipe out many of the traditional IT roles and responsibilities.

However, IT leaders have options they can take, and that’s where this new report from Citrix could help. Given that 62% of executives globally believe they will need to retrain or replace more than a quarter of their workforce between now and 2023 due to advancing automation, time is of the essence.

Download your copy now to learn how IT leaders can invest in themselves and their teams to cultivate an adaptive workforce that can pivot, learn and grow quickly. You’ll discover more on the challenges ahead, as well as the three key techniques you can employ to meet those challenges head on, including: Moving from a transactional to transformational role, providing a frictionless employee experience, and embracing new skills as a standard part of your function. Get your complimentary report today.


Partnering with the C-Suite to Transform IT and the Enterprise
For IT to claim a seat at the leadership table, and influence skills and experience, IT leaders must transform their organization from an executional “cost centre” to a customer and employee-centric team of experience enthusiasts, architects and strategists. Learn more in the full report.

How to Enhance the Employee Experience
Employees who believe their voices are heard are nearly five times more likely to feel empowered to do their best work than their counterparts. These are the insights you need to steer experience-driven transformation from the IT function outwards.

Why Talent Transformation Is Essential
As the workforce evolves, digital skills are becoming a necessity across roles and functions. But non-technical skills are becoming a requirement in tech teams, too. Kickstart your journey right here.



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