Scott Ballina, Senior Director of Diversity, Belonging & Giving at Citrix, on the Value of Inclusion & the Multi-Generational Workforce

This week on The Show, we’re joined by Scott Ballina, Senior Director of Diversity, Belonging & Giving at Citrix. We discuss his career to date, including his long-term involvement with the U.S Navy, his decision to focus on diversity and inclusion, and the value of prioritising diversity as a catalyst for what he calls Productive Disruption.

Scott Ballina began his professional journey in the U.S Navy, and it was his travels in his capacity as a Navy serviceman that inspired his passion for diversity and inclusion. He took that passion to Deloitte and spent nearly 15 years working on groundbreaking inclusion initiatives and programmes. Now at Citrix, his ability as a diversity practitioner sees him act as a champion of diversity and inclusion for the business and their clients, driving change and delivering business growth on a day-to-day basis.

Through Scott’s wealth of experience, we discuss how diversity and inclusion can be addressed by businesses to diversify their offerings, reduce risk, provide a better quality of product and service, and deliver faster, better, and more affordably. We also dive into how diversity and inclusion affect culture, how the pandemic has affected business’s ability to attract diverse talent, and the many benefits of a multi-generational workforce.

Join the Conversation at our Upcoming Event

Join the conversation at our upcoming Roundtable event, where Scott will be leading a discussion on ‘Designing Employee Experiences for the Multi-Generational Workforce’.

Listen in for more insights, including:
[03:08] Kickstarting a passion for diversity and inclusion
[11:26] Innovation through diversity and productive disruption
[15:24] How corporate citizenship is undertaken at Citrix
[17:10] Tackling unconscious bias in recruitment processes
[19:59] The pandemic’s impact on inclusion and diversity in business
[25:33] Talent retention during the shift to remote work
[33:46] Tips for aspiring diversity leaders

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To me, having a bunch of different points of view is productive disruption. If there’s a culture where people can question assumptions and identify risks and are free to do so without penalty, that really leads to better outcomes.

Scott Ballina,
Senior Director, Diversity, Belonging & Giving,

Scott Ballina
Senior Director – Diversity, Belonging & Giving, Citrix

Scott Ballina is the Senior Director of Diversity, Belonging, & Giving at Citrix. With almost 20 years of experience creating, implementing, and championing diversity and inclusion initiatives, Scott is also a Diversity Speaker and a volunteer Mentor and Coach at American Corporate Partners, and organization that helps veterans transition from the military into civilian careers.

Scott will be leading a discussion on ‘Designing Employee Experiences for the Multi-Generational Workforce’ at an upcoming roundtable. Find out more here →



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