Matt Cadieux, CIO at Red Bull Racing Honda, on Connecting Distributed Workforces for Seamless Decision-Making in Formula 1

This episode of The Show features Matt Cadieux, Chief Information Officer at Red Bull Racing Honda. We heard about the unique challenges of coordinating a distributed workforce between the track and headquarters and much more in this exclusive interview with the CIO of a winning F1 team.

The Red Bull Racing Honda team is delivering outstanding results in Formula 1. But without the right infrastructure behind the scenes to support the crew on-track, that success would be far harder to maintain.

In this one-off interview with The Show, we asked Matt about how Red Bull Racing makes sure it can connect its on-track team with those at the teams technology campus in the UK throughout the race season. We discovered more about the unique challenges facing the IT function of an F1 team, especially during the pandemic, and how Artificial Intelligence is powering seamless decision-making within the company.

Matt also commented on:

  • Protecting sensitive IP while ensuring open collaboration between distributed workforces
  • How the Citrix digital workspace helps the Red Bull Racing Honda team deliver success
  • What it’s like to be working at Red Bull Racing Honda as the team continues its winning streak
  • How the pandemic forced a rethink of how the company works and what it did to respond
  • Working within tight cost cap restraints set by the FIA and identifying how to achieve the most efficient systems possible

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Citrix has been a long-standing partner of the team, and we’ve used Citrix technology for distributed operations between the racetrack and our HQ here in the UK. We applied that same technology to allow us to scale up for remote working at home during the pandemic. It really allowed us to make progress developing the [F1] car.

Matt Cadieux,
Chief Information Officer,
Red Bull Racing Honda

Matt Cadieux, Red Bull Racing Honda

Matt Cadieux
CIO, Red Bull Racing Honda

After initially starting out as an engineer, Matt soon moved into the IT sector. He now has over 25 years of IT experience in engineering and manufacturing environments, working for both large global and medium-sized companies. At Red Bull Racing Honda, Matt oversees the IT department that is responsible for implementing and supporting the applications and infrastructure used to design, manufacture and race F1 cars.

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