Saša Petrović (Citrix) & Kevin Collins (Fujitsu) on the Implications & Opportunities of the Metaverse

Saša Petrović (Digital Strategy Director, Citrix) and Kevin Collins (Head of Start-Up Discovery & Partner Management, Fujitsu) are among thousands of tech leaders eagerly anticipating the impact of the Metaverse. We unpack what it could mean for the future of work, for consumers, and what can be done to ensure user safety when it becomes mainstream.

The Metaverse is barely on the horizon for the tech-enabled world. Such is the fervour around it, however, that a large number of tech leaders are already preparing for their future within it. Gartner doesn’t think will be mainstream until over 10 years from now, so why are industry-leaders like Saša Petrović (Citrix) and Kevin Collins (Fujitsu) already experimenting and building virtual worlds? Because they believe in the Metaverse’s infinite possibilities for business and consumers alike.

On this episode of the Show, Saša and Kevin dive into their own Metaverse experiences, both personally, in Saša’s case, and for business, with Kevin helping create and manage Fujitsu’s Metaverse closed campus. We also discuss hot button topics such as the impact it could have on mental health, behavioural codes of conduct, the issues of high-budget wearables, and data security, to name a few. The future of human interaction may not be certain, but it almost certainly involves the Metaverse, according to Saša and Kevin. So, how can you begin preparing for it today?

Listen in for more insights, including:

[04:32] The Metaverse is defined differently by everyone
[09:44] The tech driving Metaverse forward
[10:46] Metaverse innovations for business
[16:10] Mental health & behaviour in the Metaverse
[19:55] The threat of identity theft to access sensitive information
[23:01] Secure data and security concerns of wearables
[29:17] What excites Saša and Kevin about the Metaverse
[33:03] Industries with most Metaverse potential

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Coming down the track, we’re looking at how we can partner with companies looking at synthetic emulation. So, how can we help customers in the Defence sector to start synthesizing their environments to do mission preparation and war games?

Kevin Collins,
Head of Start-up Discovery

& Partner Management,

Saša Petrović
Digital Strategy Director, Citrix

Saša leads the internal teams to overcome ever-changing ecosystem complexity for clients by creating a sustainable, long-term strategy in accordance with the customer’s vision and industry trends. He’s a firm believer that every transformation must balance people, culture, and technology, guiding his teams and their clients towards innovation while ensuring that the cultural aspects are reflected.



Craig McCartney
Managing Director,
Chief Nation

Kevin Collins
Head of Start-up Discovery & Partner Management, Fujitsu

An IT professional with over 17 years of experience at Fujitsu alone, Kevin enjoys bringing a wide range of skills and experience to new challenges. He specialises in conversing and working on many organisational levels including divisional leadership teams and is passionate about meeting customer business needs through deploying technology and new services.

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