Kurt Frary of Norfolk County Council & Chris Voce of Citrix Talk Human-Centricity in the Hybrid Mature Workforce

Kurt Frary (Deputy Director of IT at Norfolk County Council and VP of Socitm) and Chris Voce (Customer Engagement Strategist at Citrix) represent a new breed of technology leader uniquely suited to the hybrid working environment. Empathetic technology experts, they’ve put end-users first and seen incredible results. Together, they’re moving thousands to a state of hybrid maturity.

The future of work is hybrid, and leading enterprises are funnelling their resources into reaching a state of hybrid maturity. Kurt Frary and Chris Voce are heroes of the space, overseeing and implementing hybrid transformations within their own organisations and for clients since the pandemic changed work forever. As IT professionals with over 50 years of experience between them, they both gravitate towards innovation that’s facilitated through a human-centric approach, guiding and growing teams in a deeply empathetic way. It’s no surprise, then, that these values have seen them in the spotlight for all the right reasons over the last few years.

On this panel discussion, Kurt and Chris give exclusive insights into how they remoulded their working environments for themselves and their teams during the pandemic, and how they plan to adjust to accommodate for what’s to come. It’s a fascinating discussion that, perhaps surprisingly for a technology focused podcast, frames the tech as secondary to the human aspects of the hybrid transformation journey at almost every touchpoint. Trust, autonomy, choice, and employee experience take centre-stage.

Listen in for more insights from Chris and Kurt:

[03:26] Lessons learned from the pandemic disruption
[07:03] The role of culture in hybrid work
[12:04] Defining hybrid maturity
[16:18] Largest obstacles to achieving hybrid maturity
[22:13] The role of hybrid strategies in talent attraction and retention
[26:02] Investing in people vs technology for hybrid maturity
[30:10] Effective ways of listening to employees
[33:10] the future of hybrid working technology
[39:48] Tip for C-suite leaders looking to achieve hybrid maturity

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A lot of us haven’t had a lot of autonomy, being forced to be in an office, even if that might not be the most productive place for [us] to be. Now that we’ve had a taste of autonomy, a lot of companies have to adapt their culture to allow for greater autonomy.

Chris Voce,
Customer Engagement Strategist, Citrix

Kurt Frary
Deputy Director of IT at Norfolk County Council and VP of Socitm

As an IT professional of over 32 years, Kurt has an extensive knowledge of ICT in both the public and private sectors. His experience ranges from ICT strategy and infrastructure delivery to operational management and change leadership and implementation. Kurt also leads the ground-breaking Norfolk & Suffolk Innovation network; the largest free to use public sector IoT network in the UK.

Chris Voce
Customer Engagement Strategist, Citrix

Chris supports engagement with C-Suite and Directors to help them understand and embrace Employee Experience as part of their business strategy. He came from Forrester Research, where as a Vice President & Research Director, he led Forrester’s employee experience research strategy for business and technology leaders.



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