What Can Business Leaders Do to Promote Sustainability? Our Panel Has Their Say

In a very special edition of The CEO.digital Show, we brought together a cross section of leading figures and thought leaders on sustainability to chat about what businesses can do to power a green revolution.   

This is the first of what we hope will be many panel discussions on The CEO.digital Show, and what better way to kick off than by turning our eyes to one of the defining issues of our age: Sustainability.

We invited a selection of thought leaders and experts to join us and answer the questions, what are businesses doing to improve sustainability and where can they do more? You’ll hear insights and opinions from Dr Marcell Vollmer (BCG), Jodi Muter-Hamilton (Other day), Tanya Spee (Vattenfall Solar Team), Jarvis Smith (My Green Pod), Ahmad Karnama (Ween Energy AB), and Dr James Robey (Capgemini).

Listen to the full podcast now for cutting-edge discussion on sustainability, including:

  • Why the supply chain is in desperate need of a rethink and overhaul
  • The role blockchain and data can play in bringing new efficiencies to the production and transportation process
  • How we can and should change the way we work to reduce our carbon footprint
  • What a shift towards electric and even solar-powered vehicles could mean for society and the planet
  • How the IT function can play a positive, greener part within the company, such as migrating key communication services to the cloud to reduce travel needs
  • Where AI can help identify opportunities for emissions monitoring and cuts

To hear all this and so much more, check out the full panel discussion now! Available on all major podcast streaming services.

This podcast is part of the IT Sustainability & Workplace Experience Series from Citrix.

Ultimately, sustainability has to be driven from the top. The CEO has to take a personal responsibility for setting the agenda. In terms of a practical perspective, it’s about having the right sponsorship. It’s about having the right people in your governance team.

Dr James Robey
Global Head of Sustainability, Capgemini



Dr Ahmad Karnama
Executive Chairman, Ween Energy AB

Dr Karnama is renowned for his sustainability thought leadership, having written papers including: Organic Growth Theory for Corporate Sustainability and Electrification of Transportation: From Fuel Policy to Electricity Market.


Dr James Robey
Global Head of Sustainability, Capgemini

Since the company’s first carbon reduction targets were set in 2008, Dr Robey has led the Capgemini Group’s sustainability agenda. He has also brought a client focus to Capgemini’s sustainability vision, expanding the reach and scope of the company’s green initiatives.


Jodi Muter-Hamilton
Other day

Jodi Muter-Hamilton is a sustainability advocate focusing heavily on the fashion industry, where she has helped fashion tech start-ups to connect with their audiences in a more meaningful, more sustainable way. She is the founder of Other day, an independent editorial and podcast platform that pushes sustainability in the fashion industry.

Headshot Marcell Volmer BCG

Dr Marcell Vollmer
Partner & Director, Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

For Dr Vollmer, sustainability is one of the greatest questions of our time. His focus on the sustainable digital transformation of supply chains shines a light on the emissions global companies produce, and outlines a way to reduce this carbon footprint ASAP.


Tanya Spee
Partnerships & PR Manager, Vattenfall Solar Team

Looking to inspire people to do more with sustainability is Tanya Spee, who as part of the Vattenfall Solar Team has been building a solar-powered vehicle to compete in the Solar Challenge Morocco 2021 race. Here, she shares her thoughts on electric vehicles and a sustainable future.


Jarvis Smith
My Green Pod

After making a life-changing commitment to millions on Channel 4’s documentary ‘Dumped’, Jarvis Smith focused his life’s work on inspiring the masses to live more eco-consciously and greener. He then launched the world’s biggest ethical lifestyle publication, National Geographic GREEN, and founded the Guardian quarterly supplement and online platform My Green Pod.

It’s not good enough to hide behind the CSR team anymore […] The C-Suite needs to be clued up [about sustainability because] it’s the biggest thing that will happen to us in our lifetime.

Jodi Muter-Hamilton
Founder, Other day


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