David Jack (Citrix) & Sanjeev Kamboj (Fujitsu Global) on the Future of Cybersecurity & Adapting During the Age of Exponential Acceleration

Sanjeev Kamboj, Head of Application and Multi-Cloud Services at Fujitsu and David Jack, Product Strategy Lead at Citrix joined us for an in-depth look at the security landscape today and how it may look in the future. We dive into the immense rate of change that’s inspired innovation and threat evolution over recent years, how companies are adapting, and the role zero trust is playing.

Both Sanjeev and David have an exceptional breadth of knowledge in the solutions and security sector. With a combined experience exceeding 50 years, their insights have proved valuable in reaching the heights of their careers thus far, leading teams that determine how Fujitsu and Citrix alike service their clients, engage with partners, and consider end-user experience.  

In the last few years of their journeys, the nature of enterprise security has experienced a fundamental shift. As Sanjeev says, the attack surface has increased in complexity exponentially to the point where it’s not something that can be isolated and contained any longer, and businesses need to factor that evolution into their thinking.

In this episode of The CEO.digital Show, both David and Sanjeev discuss their careers, how they’ve lived through multiple evolutions to become experts in the modern landscape, how hyperscaler platforms have changed the world, and what we may expect from next generation capability enablers like 5G and Edge. We also discuss the pervasion of zero trust in the modern hybrid workforce, how the skills gap will only enlarge with the exponential rate of technological change, and why CISOs must cultivate a student mindset to stay abreast of the shifting environment. 

Listen in for other insights such as:

[01:46] – How Planning for the Future has Changed
[07:45] – Addressing the “Perfect Storm” of Expanding Attack Surfaces
[13:44] – How Citrix and Fujitsu are Keeping their Customers Secure
[17:29] – Zero Trust as a Security Philosophy
[22:15] – The Skills Shortage Created by the Rate of Acceleration
[28:15] – How the Role of CISO is Evolving
[34:10] – The Next Great Leap in Tech Capability

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“If we look at the next wave, 5G and Edge deployment, that’s taking [the attack surface] out of the cloud and right to the edge. If you think of that as a heterogenous system, my attack surface could now be anywhere.

Sanjeev Kamboj,
Head of Application and Multi-Cloud Services,
Fujitsu Global

David Jack
Product Strategy Lead,

With over 25 years of solutions experience, David is highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the opportunities that remote work can bring to the modern workforce. In his role at Citrix, he focuses on providing performance, user experience, and solid security capabilities that enable companies to grow and scale, even during uncertain times.

Sanjeev Kamboj
Head of Application and Multi-Cloud Services, Fujitsu Global

Having been in C-level roles for over 15 years, Sanjeev is a transformational leader with exceptional technical knowledge. He leads sales teams and Cloud Enterprise Architects to deliver complex solutions and works with key partners such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, VMware, Google Cloud Platform and SUSE. Sanjeev is also the former CTO of Fujitsu’s Government Sector.



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Managing Director,
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