Remote Collaboration that Breeds Innovation

In this episode of Remote Works: Hybrid Survival Guide, host Jessica Green dives into the complex relationship between collaboration and innovation, and how remote work has shifted our perspective on what’s possible in this space.

Since the pandemic swept us all off our desks and onto our dining room tables, we’ve been faced with questions about how we were going to make work, work. Kids had to learn remotely, healthcare providers had to develop and implement online services, and gigantic organisations had to attempt to not just survive but excel in a time that presented an unprecedented newness to us all.

Guests Anna Lopatukhina (Senior Product Manager: Wrike), Jessica Reeder (Senior All Remote Campaign Manager: GitLab), and Rob Cross (Co-Founder & Research Director: Connected Commons) discuss what they’ve observed in their roles, with the shift to remote and hybrid collaboration coinciding with an innovation boom.

This podcast by Fieldworks on Citrix explores the roles of the collaborative process, addressing vulnerability, new forms of stress, and looking outward more often for answers, among other topics. Listen in and gain key insights.



Importance of a Collaborative Process
Collaboration works best when key touchpoints are established beforehand.
What are the objectives and the direction of travel? What methods/apps/channels are we using to share information? Collaborative time should be optimised. Find out why by listening in.

Understanding the Nuances of New Work Stress
Remote and hybrid collaboration depend on availability and buy-in from all involved. Employees to be engaged and in the right mindset to collaborate and acknowledging the new stresses of hyper connectivity and remote working creates an environment conducive to driving innovation.

Looking Outward With Tech 
When thinking of new ways to innovate, look to teams with other specialised competencies or skillsets, look to other organisations, other industries, and other countries. The answers to effective collaboration that drives innovation are to be found from connecting with those who are trained or inclined to think differently. Find more insights in the podcast!


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