The CIO & CISO 2023 Hybrid Priority Report: The Present & Future of Corporate Success and Citrix have partnered to bring you an exclusive look into the future of CIO and CISO priorities heading into 2023. With the global workforce in a state of flux, how are innovation and security leaders strategising to succeed? Download the report to find out.

With our ways of work evolving, enterprises must adapt to keep up with the rate of change. Hybrid work was established, now it’s maturing. Security leaders were scrambling, now they’re solidifying. Innovators were playing catch-up, now they’re driving us into the future. How have the best of the best reimagined their priorities to succeed in such unstable environments?

By focusing on delivering seamless, mature, and secure hybrid work, security and innovation leaders have created workplace experiences that empower employees to do their best work on their own terms.

To learn which priorities were driving decisions at the peaks of global business, and Citrix surveyed a selection of CIOs and CISOs. We then used their responses to determine the state of play and how we can expect the landscape to shift going forward.

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Talent Tug of War
The War for Talent is showing no signs of slowing down. The majority of CIOs and CISOs have added job retention as a key focus area in their C-level roles. See why in the full report.

Hybrid Is Human
The move to hybrid and remote work was necessary, but it’s become near essential. Industry leaders are making the connection between success and staff expectations being met. Learn more in the report.

The Immersive Horizon
When asked what tech developments CIOs and CISOs were excited about, the Metaverse was a notable outlier. Learn why in the full report.

Transformation Hurdles
Easier to plan than execute, transformations are underway almost everywhere, but with differing results. CIOs and CISOs weigh in on what’s standing in the way of hybrid transformation success.


In order for somebody to reach a heightened state of productivity, they’ve identified three important things: autonomy, mastery, and purpose. And when you think about autonomy, it’s somebody getting to choose how their work gets done. And that’s what we’re starting to see, that’s the ‘why’ behind this, people have had a taste of that autonomy.

Chris Voce
Customer Engagement Strategist, Citrix


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