The Show: Series Highlights from Our C-Suite Interviews


Series Highlights from
Our C-Suite Interviews

Start your journey with The Show podcast with these series highlights from across topics and professions

As The Show passes its 20th episode mark, we look back on the series so far to showcase the most popular interviews and main highlights for those just joining us. Here’s a little on what you’ve missed.

Expect highlights from the realms of digital transformation, cloud technology, HR, branding, sustainability, cybersecurity, and much more from leading figures at the world’s top companies.


The Show in conversation with Jason Fowler, Head of HR, Fujitsu Global

“The employee experience is digital experience.”

Jason Fowler
VP & HR Director, Fujitsu Global


Jason Fowler
on Why HR Must Champion Digital Solutions for the New Normal

First up on our list of highlights is Jason Fowler, the VP & HR Director UK & Head of HR Northern, Western and Southern Europe at Fujitsu Global. Jason has been a strong advocate for HR leaders to take on a more active role in the technology and digital infrastructure behind organsiations for several years now. It’s his belief that such an integral part of the business and employee experience shouldn’t simply be left to the IT department – and it’s easy to see why!

In particular, we heard how Jason and Fujitsu worked to promote employee wellbeing during the turmoil that was the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. We also learned about how remote working is altering what professional work looks like, now that digital experiences are so inextricably tied to the working day. Is that why HR must partner with the IT, data and any other team to help transform the enterprise? Find out now in the full episode.


Mark Stead
on Transforming Supply Chains for a Sustainable Future’s sister company, Chief Wine Officer, aims to blend the pleasure of wine tasting with networking and building new business connections. As you can imagine, we were really excited to be interviewing Mark Stead, the CFO and COO of luxury wine producer Moët Hennessy.

Over the course of an hour, we discovered more about Mark’s unique career so far, with tenures at Universal Music, Disney, and BIC. But most importantly, Mark shared his transformation philosophy for the luxury goods sector. To his mind, there’s an imperative to balance the conservation of heritage brand identities with necessary, tech-driven business change.

We also heard how global supply chains are being overhauled for a more sustainable future, and how the role of the CFO has greatly evolved in the past decade into something central and pivotal to success.

The Show in conversation with Mark Stead, CFO Moet Hennessy LVMH

“Finance touches everything. The CFOs of tomorrow are going to be instrumental transformational leaders.”

Mark Stead,
CFO & COO, Moët Hennessy LVMH

The Show in conversation with Flavilla Fongang, DM, 3 colours Rule

“Being great at what you do is expected. What are you doing beyond that?”

Flavilla Fongang,
MD, 3 Colours Rule


Flavilla Fongang
on Overcoming the Unique Challenges Facing Tech Brands

We’ve constantly sought out the best and brightest thought leaders out there right now. Flavilla’s episode is another shining example of that effort.

Founder and Managing Director of the award-winning branding agency 3 Colours Rule, Flavilla Fongang is also an author, brand strategist, and BBC brand advisor. We were particularly excited to hear about the unique work Flavilla has done to help technology brands rebuild connections with their customers.

We also learned about what technology companies can do in particular to promote diversity in their firms, and why it’s vital that they do so now. In the full episode, you’ll also hear about neuromarketing, employee wellbeing, and shifting consumer behaviours. Ultimately, the world is changing – Flavilla’s insights displayed why and how.


Ramsés Gallego
on Cyber Resilience & Data Protection for the Modern Era

Widely renowned as a “Master of Cybersecurity” and a big name on the conference circuit is Ramsés Gallego, who joined us on The Show in May, 2021. We were thrilled to hear about why Ramsés had the U.S. flag ascribed to him at The Capitol – an extraordinary honour – and his contributions to cybersecurity as a field.

Throughout the episode, we learned about why cybersecurity professionals need to change their approach to one of cyber resilience – namely because there are now so many attack vectors to protect. A holistic security method is therefore needed, where CISOs, CTOs and CIOs take an enterprise-wide view to protection. And Ramsés discussed why it’s vital for security principles to filter down and throughout the entire company.

Ramses Gallego - guest - A01

“We have to be obsessed with the things we want to protect.”

Ramsés Gallego,
International CTO, CyberRes

The Show in conversation with Gunjan Bhow, CDO, Walgreens Boots Alliance

“The trick to operating globally is to find common points of leverage across all your geographies.”

Gunjan Bhow,
Chief Digital Officer, Walgreens Boots Alliance


Gunjan Bhow
on Employee Creativity, Resiliency & Adaptability in Times of Crisis

It’s not every day you get to meet a leading figure from a global and household name, but that’s exactly what we did for episode 8 of The Show with Gunjan Bhow.

Gunjan is the Chief Digital Officer of Walgreens Boots Alliance, where he has championed global transformation since 2018. This fascinating discussion saw us learn what it takes to transform a 107-year-old organisation into a digitalised and modern business for the 21st century. Gunjan also told us about his time at Disney and Amazon, giving us an insider look at how pivotal launches like that of the Amazon Echo came to fruition.

But above all, Gunjan shared how a global organisation managed to respond to this generation’s major crisis – through the creativity, resiliency, and adaptability of its employees. This episode is our Senior Editor’s personal favourite; he’d argue that there’s no better place to start your journey with The Show podcast.


Paige O’Neill
on the Future of Customer Experience & the CEO/CMO Dynamic

In our first outing on The Show, we were lucky enough to interview who some call a rockstar CMO, Paige O’Neill of Sitecore. Not only was it our first episode, it remains our most popular installment to date – perfect for those catching up on what the podcast is all about.

Paige took us on a whirlwind trip through what it means to champion Customer Experience (CX) in the modern era, including how customer expectations are continuously evolving and what marketers must do to keep up. We also talked about how marketing leaders can create the perfect dynamic with others in the C-suite.

Finally, Paige turned her attention to what makes for the perfect marketing team. Who do you hire? How do you ensure the team aligns culturally, both internally and across departments? The full podcast is available now.

The Show in conversation with Paige O'Neill, CMO, Sitecore

“Customers have this expectation that you’re going to know them today.”

Paige O’Neill,
CMO, Sitecore

These are just some of the series highlights from our newly established podcast, The Show. But there’s much more to learn, with interviews from Cecilia Harvey (CEO of Hyve Dynamics), Huw Owen (CEO of Ark Data Centres), Matt Cadieux (CIO of Red Bull Racing), and many more to enjoy.

The Show in conversation with Cecilia Harvey, CEO, Hyve Dynamics
The Show in conversation with Huw Owen, CEO, Ark Data Centres
Matt Cadieux, Red Bull Racing Honda
The Show in conversation with Lisa Forte, Partner, Red Goat Security
The Show in conversation withMatt Kixmoeller, VP, Strategy, Pure Storage
The Show in conversation with Marcell Vollmer, Partner & Director, BCG