Huw Owen, Ark Data Centres CEO, on Building a Sustainable Future & Free Markets as a Force for Good

The Show Episode 7

We’re excited to bring you a captivating discussion with Huw Owen, the CEO of Ark Data Centres, for this edition of The Show. Learn how Huw and Ark Data Centres are championing sustainability and cybersecurity, and why the free market enables humanity to find the solutions it needs to solve the biggest problems.

We’ve met some interesting leaders so far on The Show, but few have had a career as varied and global as our latest guest. That guest was Huw Owen, who joined us at the end of November for a chat about sustainable data centres, leadership, and free markets. We also talked about Huw’s career journey, from Detective Inspector in the Royal Hong Kong Police to CEO of Ark Data Centres and plenty in between.

Hosts Darcie and Nathan dug into what stands Ark Data Centres apart from some of the other big players in the field. We learned about Ark’s badger runs around their sites to promote biodiversity. Cybersecurity also featured heavily, as did the continuing evolution of technology and the role data centres are playing in this transformation.

But in discussing what makes a great leader, Huw provided motivational insights for anyone aspiring to become a leader. And for current leaders looking to hire and promote the next generation. “Every world-class leader has been a world-class follower,” Huw said. “And world-class followers are creatures of huge drive, huge energy, can-do spirit. They’re ball carriers. Their leaders have turned round and given them tasks and they’ve gotten them done time and time and time again.”

Listen to the full episode now and gain more insights on sustainability in one of the most important industries in the world today – and a fresh perspective on leadership. Enjoy the discussion!

Huw Owen Ark Data Centre podcast

About our Guest

Huw Owen
Ark Data Centres

Huw commenced his career in the Royal Hong Kong Police, latterly as a Detective Inspector. He qualified as a Lawyer and practiced at Farrer & Co., before spending a year in Cambodia with the Asia Foundation followed by consultancy work with the UN. After continuing his career in law at Dibb Lupton Alsop in London, he moved to EDS as the first Director Dispute Resolution EMEA.

Huw was promoted to VP Account Start Up and then CEO ATLAS Consortium. This was followed by a position as Managing Director & Regional VP of HP’s UK Defence Business. Huw was also President at BT Global Healthcare until November 2012, when he took up position as CEO at Ark Data Centres Limited.

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