James Norman, EMEA Health & Life Science Director at Pure Storage, on How Data Can Drive a Better Future for Healthcare Patients

On this edition of the CEO.digital Show, we’re joined by James Norman, the multi-award winning EMEA Health & Life Science Director at Pure Storage. With his over two-decade long career in healthcare, James has a deep knowledge of how data affects operational capability and efficiency. Hear from one of the most knowledgeable voices in the world, right here.

James has spent his entire career in healthcare, working extensively with the NHS. His passion for data and providing patients with the best possible care has seen him collect multiple national and international awards. In this conversation with CEO.digital, he shares what he’s learned in healthcare from the NHS to his current role at Pure Storage, and how effective data modernisation can profoundly improve patient outcomes.

Through James’s experience and vision for the future, we learn how data use has grown from outdated legacy systems to modern all-flash arrays that allow fast and easy access to data for medical professionals, revolutionising the way data is treated in the industry. He also touches on how he developed a customer-centric model of care at national hospitals for the NHS, and what the future of data in healthcare looks like, with potential challenges and solutions thrown in for good measure.

Listen in for more insights, including:
[09:59] – How data access for medical professionals eased the UK’s waiting list problem
[13:28] – What data-driven customer care will look like in three years from now
[17:23] – What is involved in a patient-centric wellness model of care
[23:42] – How modern data infrastructure lowers costs and reduces risk for healthcare providers
[31:39] – What the major challenges are in the fight for data accessibility
[33:55] – How we can be better prepared for another pandemic with better access to good quality data

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We’re using machine learning to start standardizing data patterns and AI to learn differences and quickly analyze the masses of data and find the areas that need to be focused on, [and] doing so within seconds, rather than days and weeks, which is what you would have had to do in the past.

James Norman,
EMEA Health & Life Science Director,
Pure Storage

James Norman
EMEA Health & Life Science Director,
Pure Storage

James Norman is a CIO with over 20 years of experience in IT, Finance, Strategy Development, and Business Intelligence, as well as Information and Performance. In his career, he’s led many major change management and IT transformation projects across Health, Education, Local Government and Social Care. Now at Pure Storage, his role as Health & Life Science Director sees him leading initiatives and providing cutting edge data solutions to healthcare providers around the world.



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