Lisa Forte, Co-Founder & Partner at Red Goat Security, on Wargaming Cyberattacks, Protecting Against Romance Fraud, & ‘Astronaut Thinking’ in Leadership

The Show Episode 11

Lisa Forte is the guest for this week’s edition of The Show, here to discuss the cyber threats facing organisations and the lessons business leaders can take from mountaineering and space exploration.

Not many people have had a career quite as exciting as Lisa Forte. After studying Law, she went into maritime law and security, helping to keep ships safe from literal pirates, before fully embracing her passion for security and joining the UK police. She worked in counterterrorism and cybercrime units before establishing Red Goat Security in 2017. Now, Lisa’s a professional speaker, trainer, entrepreneur, documentary personality and vlogger. She was named one of the Top 100 Women in Tech. Lisa is also an expert in social engineering, insider threats, and helping large organisations rehearse (wargame) for a cyberattack.

In short, we knew this discussion was going to be good. Here’s what we spoke about:

  • We heard about Lisa’s experience coming into a male-dominated industry, and what it took to excel within that environment
  • Why there’s no sacred line that cybercriminals won’t cross, and how the healthcare sector has been targeted in the past year,
  • Lisa discussed the dangers of social engineering, including a worrying case of romance fraud
  • The value space exploration and adventurous activities like mountaineering can bring to businesses and leadership approaches
  • How Lisa co-founded Cyber Volunteers 19, a 3,000-strong force of volunteers dedicated to helping enhance the cybersecurity of hospitals around Europe during the pandemic

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About our Guest

Lisa Forte
Co-Founder & Partner,
Read Goat Security

Lisa is Co-Founder & Partner at Red Goat Cyber Security. She also co-founded the Cyber Volunteers 19 initiative that is a 3000 strong force of volunteers helping hospitals around Europe stay secure during the pandemic. She worked for one of the UK Police Cyber Crime Units before co-founding Red Goat Cyber Security in 2017 to provide social engineering and cyber-attack exercising expertise to companies around the world.

Lisa Forte was a contributor to’s report The Anywhere Office of Tomorrow. You can read the full report here.

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