Mary Edwards (NTT DATA Services) on Digital and Cultural Transformation in Healthcare & the Future of Workplaces in a Post-Pandemic World

Mary Edwards is our special guest for this edition of The Show. As President of Healthcare Provider Business, NTT DATA Services, and over 30 years of senior roles within the industry, Mary is at the forefront of a huge cultural shift for the critical virtualisation of healthcare and beyond. It was with great pleasure that we welcomed her to the podcast.

With a background in healthcare spanning over 30 years, Mary Edwards’ contributions toward delivering life-changing and life-saving developments to the healthcare ecosystem across the globe are outstanding.
Not only, has she played an instrumental role technologically, culturally and commercially for patients and employees, she has also worked with some of the world’s biggest clients to help meet the overwhelming demands projected onto the industry, almost overnight, by the Covid-19 crisis. Mary spoke to us about driving this transformation, the unsung heroes of the global pandemic, and what the future of workplaces, both in healthcare and beyond, looks like.

Here are just some of the things Mary spoke about in the podcast:

• How healthcare rapidly adapted to the life-changing circumstances of the global pandemic
• Her work as President of NTT DATA Services as an integral integration platform forming the fabric that runs hospitals across the USA and beyond
• Driving the future of digital and distributed workplace transformation for healthcare and other industries
• Developing life-saving healthcare value chain with end-to-end experience for patients and medics

The full podcast is available now on all major streaming services, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more.

If we can just remember the lessons of what it took to come together quickly, solve effectively, collaborate across the seams of healthcare, then maybe we can bottle that and keep the momentum going.

Mary Edwards,
President of Healthcare Provider Business,
at NTT DATA Services

Mary Edwards
President of Healthcare Provider Business at NTT DATA Services

Mary is the president of the Healthcare Provider business for NTT DATA Services. She brings more than 30 years of senior leadership experience in healthcare to her role, with a strong history of leading and nurturing high-performance teams and growing and transforming businesses. Through a 20+ year consulting career, she has held various progressive senior leadership roles in the Health and Public Service sectors.

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