Cecilia Harvey, Hyve Dynamics CEO, Discusses Integrity, Authenticity & What It Takes to Inspire People

The CEO.digital Show Episode 6

For this episode of The CEO.digital Show, Cecilia Harvey (CEO, Hyve Dynamics) joined us to chat about revolutionising data harvesting. We also discuss empowering women in tech and how authenticity can empower your team.

Cecilia is the Chief Executive Officer of Hyve Dynamics, a pioneering deep tech sensor technology company. She has over 20 years of experience in finance and technology, garnered on both Wall Street and in London, and she is an advocate for responsible technology leadership. She is also the Founder of Tech Women Today, which seeks to advance women in technology across various sectors.

With an introduction like that, it’s safe to say we were thrilled to have Cecilia join us for this edition of The CEO.digital Show. We learned about how Hyve Dynamics’ sensory and robotics technology solutions are changing the face of data harvesting in aerospace, automotive, gaming and healthcare. Throughout our discussion with Cecilia, we were struck by her championing of authenticity and empathy in the workplace as a means of building better working relationships with your team – and empowering them to achieve their very best.

We also heard about Cecilia’s ‘pragmatic visionary’ view; the idea that revolutionary ideas are great, but if you can’t get the basics right then you’ll go nowhere fast. Cecilia’s commitment to strengthening a “pipeline” of women in tech shone through, too, as she discussed showing women that they have the power to shape their career.

“I think the only barriers are the ones that we create for ourselves. You need to have the power to decide if you’ll let those bother you,” said Cecilia. We couldn’t agree more.

You can find the full podcast now on all major streaming platforms. Listen in to be inspired and learn more about how sensor technology is powering new innovations in telemedicine, automotive, health and more.

The CEO.digital Show in conversation with Cecilia Harvey, CEO Hyve Dynamics

About our Guest

Cecilia Harvey
Hyve Dynamics

Cecilia is the Chief Executive Officer of Hyve Dynamics, a pioneering deep tech sensor technology company. Cecilia is also the founder of Tech Women Today and Ladies Who Launch. An outspoken advocate for diversity, she works tirelessly to close the gender and racial gap while opening doors in the technology sector. Cecilia’s recent achievements include being on the 2019 EmPower 100 Ethnic Minority Role Model List, being a 2019 Include Tech Alliance Awards Finalist, and a 2018 WeAreTheCity TechWomen100 winner. In 2020, Cecilia was featured in British Vogue Magazine under the Forces for Change campaign.

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