Jeremy Connell-Waite, Global Communications Designer at IBM, on the Power of Storytelling & Reaching the C-Suite

What’s the difference between a great campaign message, one that cuts through and inspires your audience to take action, and a campaign that falls flat on its face? In this episode, we got to the bottom of exactly that as we chatted to Jeremy Connell-Waite, the Global Communications Designer of IBM, esteemed thought leader and storytelling wizard.

It isn’t every day that you get to meet one of your heroes, but The Show host Craig McCartney had the opportunity recently when we invited Jeremy Connell-Waite to appear on the show!

Jeremy is world-famous for his business storytelling acumen, having worked with global giants like Facebook, Salesforce and Adobe. He’s a disciple of great speech writers from the past like Ted Sorensen, and a keen climate action advocate. But above all, Jeremy is passionate about crafting stories that cut through the noise and capture the imaginations of his readers and listeners.

In this exclusive interview, we learned more about Jeremy’s career and his insights, including:

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What [CMOs] need to work more on is applying more economic value to their stories. Because measuring reach, engagement, preference, consideration, awareness, just doesn’t cut it. People outside of marketing don’t care. But in terms of storytelling, they’re among the best in the business.

Jeremy Connell-Waite,
Global Communications Designer,

Jeremy Connell-Waite
Global Communications Designer, IBM

Jeremy Connell-Waite is IBM’s Global Communications Designer, working with purpose-driven brands to help them tell more meaningful stories that impact, people, profits and the planet. He is also proud to be a European leader for Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project. Jeremy founded a brand consultancy in 2001, has written four books and worked with Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce and Adobe. (He also worked briefly as a giraffe keeper!)



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