Matt “Kix” Kixmoeller, VP, Strategy at Pure Storage, on How DevOps Became IT’s Number One Customer & Bringing Fluidity to Your Data Strategy

The Show Episode 13

Matt “Kix” Kixmoeller takes to The Show microphone this week as we discuss the evolving world of storage and the role containerisation is playing within it. We also reassess the IT/DevOps relationship and address the demand for flexibility in data.

Among the many lessons gained from 2020 and the global pandemic, one major takeaway was the urgent need for organisations to have in-built flexibility for their digital and data strategies. Strategic leaders everywhere are keen not to get caught out again, intent on bringing flexibility to the organisation. To find out more about what can be done from a data perspective, we met with Matt “Kix” Kixmoeller, VP, Strategy at Pure Storage.

Kix is a champion of technology, having first found his way into the industry back in the late ‘90s Silicon Valley gold rush. He was the sixth employee to join Pure Storage back in 2009, meaning he has been there from the very beginning as the company grew from a $0 business into a $1 billion enterprise. Simply put, when it comes to data strategy, Kix knows his stuff.

During the podcast, we discuss:

  • How and why Pure Storage championed an all-flash approach from the very beginning
  • What the current level of cloud maturity means for business, including balancing multiple public clouds with on-prem data centres
  • The evolution of containerisation and bringing an “as-a-service” mentality to the enterprise
  • How to achieve flexibility and fluidity in your data strategy through the right architecture
  • Why IT teams are now treating their DevOps function as their number one customer
  • The role automation plays in enterprises today and why it shouldn’t be feared but embraced

The full podcast is available now on all major streaming services, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more. You can also join Kix at Chief Wine Officer’s upcoming networking event, Redefine How You Handle Data with Cloud-Native Architecture, on 27th April 2021.

Headshot Matt Kixmoeller VP Strategy Cloud Native, Pure Storage

About our Guest

Matt Kixmoeller
VP, Strategy,
Pure Storage

Matt is VP of Strategy in the Corporate Development and Strategic Planning organisation. He joined Pure in 2009 as its first non-engineering hire, and was responsible for writing the first product market requirements document, picking the color orange, launching the company publicly, working with analysts to define the “all-flash array” market, and eventually building and scaling the Product Management and Marketing organisations. Prior to joining Pure, Matt was VP of Enterprise Product Management for Symantec, including NetBackup and Enterprise Vault.

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