Helping clients successfully execute business-critical programs – with certainty.

Our philosophy is that strategy is best delivered through focused management of business-critical programs.

As program and strategy execution specialists with over 30 years’ experience, we’ve been involved in successfully executing 128 business transformation programs in different parts of the globe. 117 of these were “rescues” – getting wayward programs back on track.

Specialising in Telecoms we will work with you, providing the resources and expertise you need to confidently get your programs over-the-line.

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Program Execution

Mentor works with Telcos to successfully deliver complex programs. How do we do this? The MentorBlueprint – a pragmatic approach that will help any business shape a program for success.

It cuts out the clutter and focuses on the things that matter.

Find out more about the MentorBlueprint and approach to program execution.

Rural Mobile Coverage

Mobile network operators in the UK are focused on finding a solution for a longstanding industry problem – poor rural mobile coverage. In much of the rural fringe, mobile coverage is either sparse or absent.

Learn more on Mentor’s solution for a fully connected Britain.

5G and Fibre

Mentor helps mobile operators, fibre providers and infrastructure players figure out how to respond to the huge opportunities presented by 5G and fibre.

Read our latest thinking.


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Strategic Programs Fail for One Reason – Failure Is Incorporated into...

Uncover the 5 “bone-crushing” factors for business transformation failure in this exclusive interview with Mentor Europe's CEO, David Hilliard. Read for free today and help to identify crucial flaws in your program strategy so you can plot a better way forward.

Program Failure Is an Expensive Education

In this exclusive interview with Mentor Europe's CEO, David Hilliard, uncovered the true costs of program failure - and the steps you can take to overcome it.

How to Connect Rural Britain – Time to Think Again?

Learn how true SRN can be created based on spectrum pooling in the 9% of the UK without mobile coverage today.

Full Fibre Versus Gigabit Broadband – What Happened to Boris’ Big...

David Hilliard, CEO of Mentor Europe, discusses how the UK Prime Minisiter's pledged full fibre for everyone, and why he's backtracked now.

Tackling the UK’s Rural Mobile Coverage Problem

Explore how MNOs can work with each other and the Government to implement a resolution surrounding a Rural Neutral Host Mobile Network.
photo of office buildings

7 Steps to Successfully Manage Your Program Portfolio

Discover the 7 steps underpinning your business-critical objectives and secure the most attractive financial and strategic opportunities.

How ‘Mobile-Centric’ Fibre Networks Will Make the UK a 5G Leader

This whitepaper from Mentor Europe looks at how MNOs in the UK can work with each other and with fixed infrastructure providers and investors to drive change.

How to Scale-up Your – Lessons from the UK’s First...

Learn how you can scale-up your from the UK’s First Network Cash Tsunami. Mentor knows what it takes to deliver these programs.

Catapult Your Strategy Execution to the Next Level

Mentor Europe's CEO, David Hilliard, gives his thoughts on strategy execution. Learn how to catapult your strategy execution within the telecoms sector to the next level by harnessing new technologies and transformation initiatives.

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