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As digital technology continues to advance, so do the opportunities for hackers to attack your enterprise. Cybersecurity has never been more important, which is why CEO.digital is here to bring you the very latest cybersecurity news, reports and insights. Discover how threats are evolving and what you can do to secure your enterprise today.

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Meet the Biggest Threat to Your Security & How to Protect Your Employees

Hybrid workers pose the biggest threat to your organisation, but you aren't powerless to defend your company and its people. Citrix reveals more in this guest article...

ZTNA DNA: Building a Zero Trust Culture that Enables Secure Modernisation

Zero trust is a philosophy, not the magic bullet of security architecture. It requires time, effort, and crucially, a workforce ready to make it their responsibility. Read on for more insights.

No More ‘Pain of Change’: Why Businesses Shouldn’t Fear Upgrading Their Tech

Steve Young of Commvault discusses why business leaders should overcome their fear and upgrade their tech stack so their enterprise can truly live up to its full potential. Read more right here.


David Jack (Citrix) & Sanjeev Kamboj (Fujitsu Global) on the Future of Cybersecurity & Adapting During the Age of Exponential Acceleration

Listen in to this episode of the CEO.digital Show as we’re joined by David Jack of Citrix and Sanjeev Kamboj of Fujitsu to discuss exponential acceleration, attack surface complexity, and much more!

Natalie Billingham, Vice President Sales EMEA at Akamai Technologies, on Augmenting Data with Edge for Better Cybersecurity & Getting More Women in Tech

Tune into The CEO.digital Show with Natalie Billingham from Akamai to learn about how to use your data to fortify your security posture and much more.

Ramsés Gallego, International CTO at CyberRes (Micro Focus), on Protecting the Enterprise for a Cloud-Native Generation & Critical Innovations for a Post-Pandemic World

Ramsés Gallego joins The CEO.digital Show to share his views on cybersecurity and the critical strategic pillars every enterprise should adopt.


Reinvent Your Digital Business for Sustainable Post-Crisis Transformation

This report from data storage experts Pure Storage explores how organisations can thrive and survive post-pandemic by embracing modern data storage, agile deployment, and a digital mindset.

From Seismic Disruption to a New Era of Success in Five Steps

Discover the five steps to accelerating digital transformation through rapid agility in this step-by-step guide from Pure Storage.

The Road to Recovery with Data-Led Rapid Agility

Companies everywhere have faced disruption this past year. But this won’t be the last time, so readying yourself now is fundamental for future stability....


Mohan Subramaniam, Professor at IMD Business School: Legacy Organisations Can Use Data to Drive New Revenue Streams

Discover in this exclusive interview with Mohan Subramaniam, professor at IMD Business school, how legacy organisations like GE are opening new revenue streams using data.

How Business Leaders Can Help Their Brands Thrive During a Recession

Thriving during a recession can be a daunting challenge. Find out how leaders are creating opportunities for growth with clear communication, forward planning and business innovation.

Is ‘Quiet Quitting’ a Wake-Up Call?

So-called ‘quiet quitting’ is causing a storm in business circles and online at the moment, but is it the zeitgeist that some business leaders worry about? We set out to find out…


Defining and Deconstructing iCommerce with Eduardo Silva, Chief Revenue Officer at Patchworks

iCommerce is the future of digital retail. It integrates and uses data to connect commerce to its customers in more ways than ever. This insightful article by Eduardo Silva of Patchworks explains how.

Why You Should Never Lose Sight of the End-User Experience

Greig Johnston, CEO of Vidatec, returns to CEO.digital with this piece on why end-user experience plays such a key role in the success of any transformation project.

How Further Education Colleges Can Help Combat the Digital Skills Shortage

Ian Pretty, CEO of Collab Group, argues for further education colleges being the key to staying ahead of the impending digital skills shortage. Read on for his exclusive insights!


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