Top 3 Strategies for Creating a Truly Efficient Digital Workplace

Citrix outlines the top 3 strategies for ensuring your digital workplace thrives as businesses move forward with creating hybrid working models.

Hybrid Working Models to Define Business Strategy After Pandemic Disruption

A new report from reveals the five strategic areas C-Suite leaders are focusing on as they build an Anywhere Operation. Learn more about the hybrid working model of the future here.

P-O Johansson, EMEA Strategist at Citrix, on Human Sustainability & Creating...

We welcomed P-O Johansson to The Show to learn about the evolution of digital workspaces and how they’re shaping employee wellbeing initiatives – and cutting costs in the process.

Why Digital Wellness for a Remote Workforce Requires Engaged Leaders &...

Digital wellbeing is gaining more traction as it becomes increasingly apparent that Anywhere Operations is going to be the future of work. Citrix discusses the impact of this in another Guest Spotlight.

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We were thrilled to invite Natasa Rubesa for an exclusive interview on the first episode of The Show EXTRA. Tune in for more on the evolution of the HR function.

Jane Christopher, Citrix Sr HR Business Partner, on Building Enhanced Employee...

The Show is joined by Jane Christopher from Citrix for an in-depth look at employee experiences. Don't miss her podcast interview - we discuss onboarding, upskilling and company culture in an era of remote working. These are the insights you need for a successful 2021!

Five Ways to Protect Staff Wellbeing While Working from Home

Health Assured's CEO, David Price, lays out the top ways to protect your staff's physical and mental wellbeing during remote working in this exclusive guest article for

The State of Remote Work

Innovators Citrix take a deeper look at the state of remote work in this new ebook. Learn how to build a remote work strategy for the long-term, create a culture to support a distributed workforce, and rethink your technology use by downloading today.

Back to the Office: Ensuring Safe Workspaces After Covid-19

When Covid-19 hit, the world turned upside-down. How do we go back to the office after the pandemic ends? Learn how in this report from Citrix. You'll see how to prepare each element of your organisation for your workforce's return to the office.