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‘A Regulator Who Empowers’: The UK’s New Information Commissioner Has a...

Karima Noren, Co-Founder of the Privacy Compliance Hub and former Head of Legal for Emerging Markets at Google, reflects on the ICO25 strategy and shows why it may help companies to innovate confidently.

1 in 5 Employees Can’t Take Time Off Work Due to...

The Annual Leave Allowances survey reveals concerning levels of pressure on UK office workers stopping them from taking leave, even when mental health is at stake. Here are the top findings from the study.

Remote Collaboration that Breeds Innovation

Explore the surprising relationship between collaboration, innovation, and remote work. Feat. Anna Lopatukhina, Jessica Reeder, and Rob Cross. Listen now!

Why Remote Work Security Is Everyone’s Responsibility

With remote working here to stay, the enterprise attack surface has drastically expanded. Everyone is now responsible for cybersecurity within the organisation. Here's why.

Systems or People: Retaining Your Digital Knowledge

We heard from Carl Uminski, CEO of digital product agency, Somo, about how to retain talent and the knowledge and skills it brings to your company in this guest article. Read now to learn more.

How to Reach Peak Agility with Composable Tech Architecture

Hugo Fonseca of Rufus Leonard appears on to discuss why composable tech architecture is fast becoming the defining trait of agile enterprises. Find out more now.

How Lantum Got a Spot on an Accelerator Programme Three Times

Looking to get on an accelerator programme but don’t know where to start? Melissa Morris, CEO of Lantum, details how her company succeeded in exactly that – not once, not twice, but three times. Learn more in this guest article.

Top Tips to Avoid Cloud Concentration Risk & Improve Business Performance

Cloud is now an unavoidable fact of life for many businesses, but prioritising just one cloud partner could be a costly decision in the long-run. Martin Gaffney (Yugabyte) discusses why a mutli-cloud approach could be the answer in this guest article.

How Are AI & Technological Advances Re-Shaping the World of Business?

Speaking at CogX 2022, Lila Tretikov (Deputy CTO, Microsoft) and Jacomo Corbo (Co-founder & Partner, QuantumBlack, AI by McKinsey) looked at the impact AI is having on business. Find out how it’s transforming the way we work.