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Neill Smith, Head of Infrastructure at The Scottish Government, on Nurturing...

Neill Smith, the trailblazing Head of Infrastructure at The Scottish Government, joins us on the Show to discuss how his team attracts and retains exceptional talent, what informs their infrastructure strategy, and how he’s managed to stay on the curve of hyper-innovation in government. Listen in for more!

Top Tips to Avoid Cloud Concentration Risk & Improve Business Performance

Cloud is now an unavoidable fact of life for many businesses, but prioritising just one cloud partner could be a costly decision in the long-run. Martin Gaffney (Yugabyte) discusses why a mutli-cloud approach could be the answer in this guest article.

Dr Dennis Khoo, Digital Transformation Expert: Why You Can’t Transform a...

The team met Dennis Khoo, esteemed author and transformation expert, to find out more about how he launched the first digital bank in ASEAN and the secrets to digital transformation success. Read the full interview now!

Smart Leaders are Beating the Status Quo as Paradigm Shifters

The best leaders don’t wait to react to change, they instigate it. In this article by Pure Storage, we unpack how paradigm shifters are driving success and how you can do the same. Read on for more insights.

Terry Doherty, Founder & CEO of Doherty Associates: Predicting the Future...

This interview with Terry Doherty of Doherty Associates discusses the value of being proactive, the power of cloud in the hybrid era, and importance of a workforce that’s aware.

Get Ahead in the Cloud: 5 Steps to Drive Better Business...

How do you deliver enhanced results from your cloud environment? Rob Smith, CTO of Creative ITC, has his say in this guest article for

The Sustainability & Climate Change Strategy Roundtable

Citrix hosts senior bankers to talk sustainability and climate change strategy, discussing green initiatives, flexible working and more. Get the report now!

Alan Cambridge, Founder & CFO of Peacock Engineering: Customer-First Approaches to...

Alan Cambridge, CFO of Peacock Engineering, shares his insights on how to get the maximum value out of your asset management solution.

Going Native: The Cloud Connectivity Opportunity for IoT

Frank Stoecker of Emnify shares why going native could be the Internet-of-Things-driven business opportunity for enterprise leaders this year in this guest article.