Proof Analytics CEO Mark Stouse, on how CMOs can leverage data to create and prove greater business value

Marketers have more data on their hands than ever before. But extracting the right insight remains challenging to most. Listen as Mark, founder and CEO of Proof Analytics, explains how you can get from where you are now to where you need to be by leveraging the power of data.

For years, marketers have struggled with scaling and optimising their campaigns. Despite the plethora of data available, it’s still a slow, expensive process to derive the right answers from it.

Mark’s answer to this problem lies with automation. By automating data and regression analytics, he has taken out the guesswork and made data easy to understand even to the most non-technical marketer.

In this episode, he sheds a candid light on the pleasures and perils of being a CMO. He speaks about aligning with business goals, delivering better value, and most importantly, proving the value created. We also asked him about the future of marketing regarding generative AI. Tune-in to hear his sharp analysis of what’s likely to happen next.

You’ll hear insights including:

[13:32]: Coming up with a great idea and commercialising it
[15:36]: The role of data in innovation and how to make the right inferences from your data
[18:10]: The role of generative AI and why marketers need to think of it in terms of inflation
[22:53]: How regulation is likely to impact generative AI innovation
[26:45]: How CMOs can drive conversation at the C-level

The full podcast is available now on all major streaming services, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more.

Data is, by definition, always about to pass. . . It’s already fixed in time and place. So, most business data is time series data. You’re measuring the same thing over and over again.

Mark Stouse,
Founder and CEO,
Proof Analytics

Mark Stouse
Founder and CEO, Proof Analytics

Mark Stouse is the founder and CEO of Proof Analytics. He is also a visiting lecturer in several American universities and host of the Accelerating Value podcast. After a successful career overseeing marketing and operations in companies like Hewlett Packard, Honeywell and BMC Software, Mark founded Proof Analytics, a platform that helps marketers to plan, predict, and prove the impact of their work. It was chosen as one of the “50 start-ups to watch for 2023” by Silicon Review.



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