Iurii Milovanov, Director of AI and Data Sciences at SoftServe on maximising the potential of generative AI and the future it offers

It’s a great time to be an AI practitioner, admits Iurii Milovanov. The boom surrounding AI with natural language processing tools skyrocketing into the mainstream has had a knock-on effect in business. The AI race has never been fiercer. And although generative AI may be on the lips of every tech executive from London to Lahore, there’s still much we don’t yet know about its potential and how to derive maximum value from it today.

On this episode, SoftServe’s Director of AI and Data Science, Iurii Milovanov joins us to unpack the exciting, extraordinary, and misunderstood world of AI. We delve into his journey as an AI practitioner, the work he’s doing with SoftServe clients to ensure success from strategy to execution, and what generative AI is currently and potentially capable of. With the popularity around natural language processors like ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Midjourney being so fervent today, this look into a thrilling present and compelling digital future is not to be missed.

[03:22] – What makes AI and its possibilities so special
[05:29] – Why businesses are struggling to effectively use popular AI tools
[07:21] – Unpacking the human limitations of AI
[09:51] – The threat of generative AI to the human workforce
[11:10] – The infrastructure needed to support effective AI use
[14:30] – A successful AI implementation use case
[18:59] – Being conscious of industry-specific and data regulations
[20:03] – Addressing bias in generative AI
[24:47] – Exciting developments in the world of AI
[29:08] – Should we slow down or worry about the pace of AI advancement?

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We can use [generative AI] and make it talk to itself… We can also involve multiple instances of generative AI and let them compete or cooperate, and we’re seeing quite impressive behaviour emerging out of this.

Iurii Milovanov,
Director of AI and
Data Sciences,

Iurii Milovanov
Director of AI and Data Sciences, SoftServe

Iurii is a computer science expert and the Director of AI and Data Science at SoftServe, with more than 10 years of experience in building enterprise-level AI, big data and advanced analytics solutions. His research interests include various aspects of modern, progressive IT and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, such as HPC, distributed and parallel computing, large-scale machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and speech recognition.



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