Telzio CEO & founder, Peter Schroeder, on professional evolution and competing with giants

Innovation, passion, and persistence are paramount to any successful startup. In Telzio, Peter Schroeder has built an enterprise that punches way above its weight in the cloud-powered business phone solutions market. Through a constant appetite for learning and embracing change, Peter shares his views on business and how he runs Telzio to be a constantly evolving solutions machine.

Peter Schroeder is something of a modern-day renaissance man. Beginning his professional life as a DJ, he gigged, won awards, produced music, and ran a successful record label. But he also sold his first website at the age of 18 and fell in love with tech on a planned break from performing music. This would eventually give birth to Telzio, an end-to-end, business phone solution in the cloud that now competes with giants like AT&T and T-Mobile. At Telzio, Peter is the CEO and founder, focusing on evolving their offering and implementing new technologies to further carve out their competitive advantage.

On this episode of The Show, Peter joins Craig to break down his career to date, with some brief but informative detours about DJ’ing and raising children. Peter dives into communication in modern business, how Telzio came to be, and how emerging technology will shape our collective future beyond what’s possible in just the business comms space.

[01:47] – Getting the idea to start Telzio
[07:23] – The value of effective communication in modern business
[13:04] – Staying resilient in the face of disruption
[15:10] – How AI is being integrated into the Telzio product offering
[18:49] – The potential future paths for AI application
[22:28] – What will drive the next evolution of Telzio
[25:22] – Advice for fellow founders and startup executives

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Be naïve and stubborn… logically, you shouldn’t start a phone company, but (being naïve and stubborn) has gotten us where we are today, where we actually have competitors copy what we do, and we can compete with them.

Peter Schroeder,
CEO & founder,

Peter Schroeder
CEO & founder, Telzio

Peter Schroeder is the CEO & founder of Telzio, a next generation unified communications company. They create innovative solutions to streamline and manage telecommunications for B2B, helping clients communicate seamlessly and easily in complicated scenarios. Peter leads a team that builds unrivalled technology and products to make people’s lives easier. His passion is to provoke people to see things from different perspectives so they can do more and be better.



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Managing Director,
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