Andrew Weyer, DHL’s UK & Ireland CIO, on leveraging data, IoT and automation to deliver greater business value

When COVID-19 struck, supply chains and the people who enabled them suddenly gained renewed importance. Equally, the power of data also became more apparent. How do you make sure that the supply matches the demand, especially when demands can’t be predicted? How do you ensure the product integrity of vaccines in deserts and subzero temperatures?

On this episode, Andrew Weyer reflects on his experience at the helm of IT services in Australia and New Zealand before becoming the CIO in UK & Ireland. He speaks about how the DHL team maintained consistent supply of vaccines during the pandemic, how they are using IoT to reduce the carbon footprint, and how automation and robotics can enhance employee productivity. You’ll hear insights including:

[06:57]: How the DHL team tapped into the power of data to maintain consistent vaccine supply
[09:25]: The role of IoT in reducing carbon footprint
[10:30]: How to identify the best use cases for innovation and build data products to enable them
[11:11]: How robotics and automation enhance the productivity of DHL employees
[13:10]: Why data warehouses fail and what can be done about them
[14:30]: How to create revenue-generating use cases through data

The full podcast is available now on all major streaming services, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more.

Just before COVID, we had a couple of flu outbreaks in Sydney, and realised we could predict volume increases or decreases in ecommerce through the amount of flu medication we were distributing and where we were distributing it.

Andrew Weyer,
DHL’s UK & Ireland CIO

Andrew Weyer
CIO, DHL’s UK & Ireland

Andrew Weyer is the CIO of DHL in UK & Ireland. Andrew’s career has seen him work in many parts of the globe, starting out in South Africa before heading to Australia. Now, he spends his time in Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom. He’s passionate about business and innovation, and has generated an impressive range of knowledge through the vast portfolio he’s managed; including IT, life sciences, healthcare and transport management solutions.



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