Patrick Smith, Pure Storage Field CTO for EMEA, on a sustainable, agile, and evergreen future for data storage

Data storage is like the ocean; it’s a vast landscape that is constantly changing. And in the last ten years, the market has made previously unimaginable gains, with the next ten set to present opportunities we might consider pipe dreams today. To help us navigate this discussion, we’re joined by Patrick Smith, Field CTO for EMEA at Pure Storage.

Patrick is a vastly experience technology and finance leader with high-level tenure at Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, and Deutsche Bank. Thanks to more than twenty years at the peak of both industries, Patrick’s big picture thinking comes through in his trend analysis, problem diagnoses, and solution-focused approach to data storage in this deeply insightful interview.

You can expect talking points including:

[02:05] How finance and customer experience enhance the mindset of a Field CTO
[03:59] Why legacy data practices fail from a business and sustainability perspective
[06:33] Working against planned obsolescence in data storage
[10:43] The data landscape over the next decade, based on what we know from the previous decade
[14:16] Data storage as a mechanism to drive sustainable change in the tech sector
[17:54] Next generation data platforms and how they create competitive advantages
[20:21] The importance of data resilience and how it’s changed since the pandemic
[23:13] How Kubernetes are playing an increasingly important role in the data landscape
[25:38] Recommended reading for data leaders

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Re-use of technology doesn’t happen. And vendors are even more extreme in the storage space. There is a rip and replace approach to storage technology, where you move all your data from an old system to a new system and the manufacturers of storage hardware typically encourage that… And what’s interesting is a company like Pure Storage coming along and saying, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Patrick Smith,
Field CTO EMEA, Pure Storage

Patrick Smith
Field CTO EMEA, Pure Storage

As Field CTO, Patrick provides crucial input and leadership across engineering, product management, sales, marketing as well as presales. Prior to his time at Pure, Patrick was Head of Core Engineering at Deutsche Bank with responsibility for server and storage engineering. He has also run global infrastructure engineering teams at Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs.



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