Dez Rock, CEO of SIEMonster, on identifying hidden security gaps and vulnerabilities in your network

Customers demand always-on service. Employees want to work from anywhere. And your board wants to make it all come true. Sounds great, except it means your role as CISO just got a lot more complicated. How can you protect the enterprise without spending more?

In this episode, Dez Rock shows how comprehensive network monitoring is the answer to these industry dilemmas. She demonstrates why enterprises cut corners according to the amount of data ingested. This creates gaps which lead to attacks. What makes her account more persuasive is her perspective not as a vendor, but as an ethical hacker. Tune in to learn more.

You’ll hear insights including:

[05:57]: Why enterprises need a monitoring solution that encompasses their entire tech stack
[06:40]: How to make cybersecurity more accessible to everyone
[11:32]: The consequences of selective monitoring and how to overcome them
[18:22]: Why cybersecurity needs better; not more, regulation
[19:20]: The vital role of candid board level communication in strengthening the enterprise security culture
[22:07]: Greater automation to save security team’s time and resources
[23:30]: Advice for CISOs to build a more resilient organisation

The full podcast is available now on all major streaming services, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more.

If you are picking and choosing what you want to monitor because you want to stay compliant, you are leaving doors open for attacks.

Dez Rock,
CEO, SIEMonster

Dez Rock
CEO, SIEMonster

Dez Rock, CEO of SIEMonster has been navigating the world of cyber security for the best part of 20 years, from her time working for the Australian government to ethical hacking with her husband and eventually founding her own start-up. SIEMonster is a cyber security disruptor with roots in open-source solutions designed to be accessible and sustainable security for all, not just enterprises with deep pockets.



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