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Even the Security Firms… FireEye Latest in Long Line of Major...

Following the FireEye security breach in December 2020, we look at what this means for cybersecurity more generally and reflect on the top data breaches of the past five years.

‘New Normal’ Presents DevSecOps Teams with New Security Holes to Fill

Businesses have accelerated digital transformations in light of Covid-19 to maintain operability, but their actions have expanded the attack surface. The result is a network full of security holes. In this article, we take a look at the main areas DevSecOps must address to re-secure the enterprise.

Jon Cosson, JM Finn CISO, Shares the Evolution of Cyber Threats...

The Show welcomes Jon Cosson, Head of IT and CISO at JM Finn, as we discuss the evolution of cybersecurity during this exclusive podcast interview. We learn why JM Finn was able to so rapidly respond to the problems posed by Covid-19, and how vulnerable individuals are to social engineering attacks. Listen now!

Dark Web Investigation Uncovers Shadowy World of Personal Data Theft

A recent dark web investigation has revealed the black-market value of stolen personal data – and the results should give CISOs and IT leaders...

Dell Technologies’ Baker’s Half Dozen: How Covid-19 Has Impacted Cloud Infrastructure

Matt Baker hosts another episode of Baker's Half Dozen for Dell Technologies. Watch today as he delves deep into the impact of Covid-19 on cloud infrastructure.

CISOs Face Lack of Buy-In for New Security Solutions – Until...

The global pandemic has pushed many organisations to adopt remote working on a scale that was unthinkable until now. For Chief Information Security Officers...

Dell Technologies’ The Next Horizon: Cequence Security with Larry Link

As part of Dell Technologies' The New Horizon podcast series, Bill Pfeifer talks with Larry Link, CEO of Cequence Security, about the future of cybersecurity.

IT Security Specialists Weigh in on the Cyber Strategies of Working...

Pulitzer-nominated journalist Russ Banham, writing for Dell Technologies, investigates how IT security specialists are strategising for working at home. Learn more here.

On-Demand Webinar: The Connected Workplace within FSI

Calling all IT leaders in financial services looking to enable successful, secure and compliant remote working and transformation. Unlock Dell Technologies' insights with this exclusive webinar featuring Bradd Lewis, VP & Global Financial Services Vertical Lead.