Rachael Greaves on ethical data compliance for a secure and empathetic future

The mistake many make about compliance is thinking it’s a simple box ticking exercise. The reality is far more nuanced. With a landscape shifting dramatically, how do entities of all sizes keep up with regulations, use AI ethically, and protect not only the data they hold, but the people that data represents?

Rachael Greaves’ career proves the importance of compliance in modern business and society. From her history in auditing to her current role as Co-Founder and CEO of Castlepoint Systems, she’s been on the front lines of data security and compliance for over 15 years. In that time, she’s seen the best and worst of what compliance can mean for enterprises and individuals alike.

In this episode, Rachael takes us through why she co-founded Castlepoint Systems, what the current global data landscape means for entities both large and small, and how AI is transforming data security and compliance. She also shares a few notable incidents which have shaped her perspective and philosophy over the years, illustrating the value and power of data.

Notable insights in this episode include:

[04:12] – The real-world implications of poor compliance and data mismanagement
[10:02] – The misunderstood purview of foreign state actors
[14:15] – The dangers of holding personal information data
[16:59] – The cost implications of inadequate disaster recovery
[18:55] – The fallout from the Silicon Valley Bank collapse
[23:02] – Why it’s never been easier to be self sufficient
[27:05] – How SMEs can protect their data and be compliant
[30:06] – The application of ethical AI in security and compliance
[38:17] – Upcoming regulatory oversight on AI

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It’s so risky to hold information about people, particularly information that’s sensitive. We over-collect it, and we definitely over-retain it.

Rachael Greaves,
Co-Founder and CEO,
Castlepoint Systems

Rachael Greaves
Co-Founder and CEO,
Castlepoint Systems

Rachael Greaves is Co-Founder and CEO of Castlepoint Systems, one of Australia’s largest governance, risk, and compliance solutions providers, operating in Australia and the UK. She is a certified information systems auditor (CISA), PRINCE2 (Practitioner), and certified data privacy systems engineer (CDPSE) ITIL v3 (Foundation) among others. Last year, Rachael was awarded Australia’s Most Outstanding Women in IT Security for 2022.



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