Future-fit data storage for the modern enterprise

Legacy architecture lock-in forces organisations to go through costly and arduous upgrades or replacements as their data requirements shift. But there is an alternative.

In this report, Moor Insights & Strategy examines the most effective storage solutions for organisations, ranging from mid-sized to enterprise level. The report shows how modern storage built on software-driven, modular architectures can span traditional market segments and provide continuous benefits.

Are you ready to learn how best-in-class data storage delivers sustained growth across multiple hardware generations?


The impact of artificial storage segmentation
The separation of ‘enterprise’ and ‘midrange’ offerings in the storage industry results in unnecessary cost increases and complexity for customers adapting to change.

Leveraging a scalable storage experience
The unique benefits and utility of a consistent, scalable storage architecture on a common platform.

The agility of software-defined storage
How software-defined storage approaches enable greater agility and integration with modern IT architectures, and how it compares to the restrictive models of legacy architectures.